Chakra clearing & balancing

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Chakra clearing & balancing

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Many think that Chakra clearing and balancing needs to be a long time work as many teachings have taught us.

It is not needed to go through every little bit of negativity that has been building up within each chakra.

More important is to find a balanced state of releasing any blocks of negative emotions.

That really needs to be cleared and most of the time they are within the energy bodies.

The chakras are just effected by those blocks within the energy bodies.

Chakras are like the motor behind the energy bodies in a way sometimes, they are what keeps the energy moving.

By clearing the chakras we start up a new flow of movement that will assist in releasing blocks more easily.

This will allow for a greater flow of the higher energy coming in to start moving more freely as well.

The negative energies that have been building up within the energy bodies as blockages are of a lower frequency.

They take up the space for the higher energy to move in.

Chakra Work

Many people have been working on clearing the chakras, balancing them.

When the Seven main chakras inside the physical body are completely clear and fully open and running the energies full time.

Then you can start bringing in the additional chakras.

They move into different places and as far as I have seen it, this can be different for everyone.

The other thing that happens is that the chakra colors change and become more integrated.

The energies between the chakras start to balance with each other. Until they run through each chakra in a balanced way.

I will have a look at the chakras.

If there is any need for repair or replacement I will do this for you after the clearing.

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