Codes for the New Earth

Awaken to Your Inner Self

Codes for the New Earth

fire clears your energies

These Codes for the New Earth are a spiritual dispensation for all those who are choosing enlightenment.

In the past, not just on earth, but through the eons of time in this universe and beyond.

There has been great mastery and learning through many modalities and systems that led one to spiritual enlightenment and ascension.

Also during this great period of expansion and learning.

There were those who allowed the ways of “ego” to influence the blessed material coming in to them and they altered it to meet their own needs.

Causing certain ideas and concepts to be lost in the translation.

And the creation of new concepts and ideas that were not of the highest purity in the name of the divine to be added that served to feed the “ego”.

Codes for the New Earth

These new Codes for the New Earth  will restore the master codes.

They were previously stored in your archives of learning and knowledge to its utmost purity and divinity.

As the Creator intended it, prior to any alteration or manipulation.

It will benefit individuals greatly to embrace all of these.

For we have all been different beings at different times and have studied these modalities at one time or another.

Knowing the God within

Throughout our evolution in the quest for enlightenment and to know the “GOD” within.

By accepting these codes, it will re-write the history of “you”.

In any and all stages of your evolution and thus greatly accelerate the “you” on your path to enlightenment in this lifetime.

By accepting these scrolls of light with these new codings,.

You will become a beacon of “truth” to assist in the anchoring of this next Golden Age of Enlightenment.

We commend you on your choice to shine!

  1. Abundance Codes
  2. Anasazi Codes
  3. Angelic Codes
  4. Apollo Codes
  5. Ark of the Covenant Codes
  6. Ascension Codes
  7. Astrological Codes
  8. Athena Codes
  9. Buddha Codes
  10. Camelot Codes
  11. Central Sun Codes
  12. Christ Codes
  13. Communication Codes
  14. Compassion Codes
  15. Creation Codes
  16. Divine Father Codes
  17. Divine Mother Codes
  18. DNA/RNA Codes
  19. Dragon Codes
  20. Druid Codes
  21. Egyptian Codes
  22. Elohim Codes
  23. Enochian Codes
  24. Excalibur Codes
  25. Feng Shui Codes
  26. Gaia Codes
  27. Galactic Codes
  28. God Codes
  29. Greek God Codes
  30. Holy Grail Codes
  31. Holy Spirit Shekinah Codes
  32. Immortality Codes
  33. Isis Codes

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