Divine Blueprint, integration and activation

Awaken to Your Inner Self

Divine Blueprint, integration and activation

all energies are within you

Divine Blueprint, integration and activation allows for lower frequencies to be released.

As we bring in the higher consciousness that allows for us to reach our own ascended master consciousness.

We will be able to integrate more of our ascended master consciousness.

The Pleiadian star system is where we will be traveling to find assistance and divine guidance, it is also where we will have our Divine Blueprint anchored and activated.

We requires a new set of directions, this means that everything that was done before is in need of adjustment.

Creators of our own destiny

As this is a time where we become the creators of our own destiny.

It is time to start with retrieve our divine blueprint.

You will work with your divine self to retrieve the divine blueprint adjusted to the new energies.

And together with your divine self you will anchor and activate this blueprint within you.

Take control of your own destiny

This is the time where you take control of your own destiny.

Before the shift we were in the flow and we all knew the earth reality as it was at that time would come to an end.

Now we have entered the New Golden Age.

Iin this Golden Age we take control of what is happening instead of allowing what is happening to take control of us.

Divine Guidance

May you be divinely guided in your search for the impossible which is now possible in this now moment.

This now moment is Cosmic Time and all time is now.

Divine Blueprint, integration and activation

Many have cleared and completed integrating parts of themselves, the Divine Blueprint is what activates more of yourselves.

The divine blueprint allows for a completely open heart center and allows for you to expand your heart center until it encompasses all of you.

This will assist you in becoming a being living in Love and Compassion and reacting and experiencing in Love and Compassion.

We will journey to the Pleiadian Star System.  We will receive the activation and integration of our own Personal  Divine  Blueprint.

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