Divine Mother, Lady Masters Activations, the Goddess within you

Awaken to Your Inner Self

Divine Mother, Lady Masters Activations, the Goddess within you

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Divine Mother, Lady Masters Activations, the goddess within you. These activations are to activate open and expand the divine Goddess within you.

1. Lakshmi

See Lakshmi emerge upon her lotus blossom as she awakens within you the full knowingness.

The abundance of all things is there for each and every one of you.

She asks you now to think upon that which for you is abundance and prosperity.

Then hear her as she transmits to you the power to manifest your personal prosperity and abundance through the law of attraction.

She wants you to know that you each have the power to do this by simply holding to the positive ideal of that which you seek.

Letting nothing whatsoever sway you from this focused intent.

Allow yourself a moment to do this.

Now think of a situation or place within the sphere of the planet that is in need of prosperity and abundance.

And hold your positive and focused attention there for a moment.

2. Divine Mother of the Native Americans

See now the Divine Mother of the Native Americans.

Who Herself stands forth as representative of the soil, the grasslands, the rivers, oceans, mountains, trees, plants, animals and rocks.

Allow all nurturing of Earth to flow through her into yourselves.

Feel yourselves anchor Her divine grace into the very core and heart center of our blessed planet.

3. Isis

Feel now the pervading presence of Isis.

She breathes into each of you the breath of antiquity, that you may awaken to the new and ancient glory of your own Goddess energies.

She emits from her aura the ability to decode the language of light.

wherein the mysteries of your past, present and future stand forth to be revealed.

4. The seven feminine Archangels

See now each of the seven feminine Archangels, as one by one they come to bless you with the distinct quality of their ray.

First comes Faith, then Christine, Charity, Hope, Mother Mary, Aurora and Amethyst.

Pause and receive their specialized blessings.

5. The feminine Elohim

Now emerging are the feminine Elohim: Amazonia, Lumina, Amora, Astrea, Virginia, Aloha and Victoria.

Feel the enormity of their Divine grace and blessing. Allow these most powerful co-creators within your field.

And again drink deeply of the feminine strength and will to create!

6. All of the Lady Masters who have ever graced and touched this planet

See and feel: the Goddess of Liberty, the Lady of Light, the Lady Nada, Parvati, Kali, Durga, Mary Magdaline, Portia, Mother Teresa, the Earth Mother, the Lady of the Lake, Lady Helena (formerly known as Madam Blavatsky).

And the presence of all of the Lady Masters who have ever graced and touched this planet.

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