DNA Mastery Activations

Awaken to Your Inner Self

DNA Mastery Activations

as above so below

These series of powerful DNA Mastery Activations are part of the heart-oriented approach to ascension.

Each of these powerful mastery activations help provide the energetic support light-workers, healers and starseeds need.

To accomplish their world service contracts with the Creator.

You receive a transmission of the energies for each activation where you receive what is aligned for your highest good at that time.

This activation is time released in that as you grow and evolve and as the planet does as well.

You will be constantly upgraded by your soul with new energies from these DNA Mastery Activations.


“Was immediately taken to my heart chakra and looked outward.

I was gazing at the sun in all its’ beauty and glory and got that it is, but a pale reflection compared to the sun that exists within our own heart/multidimensional heart.

With that an explosion took place in my heart and the veil was torn away and I could see my own ‘soul sun’.

I could not look at it head on, because of its brilliance. WOW.

Next, I got Hot, and saw that I basically was on fire.

Was told not to worry that this was simply a clearing of all the detritus that kept me from working from this soul sun.

This was an incredible experience and heard this: “Remember, what is within is without.

We have activated the DNA existing in this sun of your heart.

It is time to step into this sun and allow all your service to others and to yourself to flow from this center.

When we look at humanity, we see you as soul suns, even though most of your sun of the hearts are covered by the veil.

Allow us to assist you in removing this veil that you may step into your power.


This activation came in on streams of intensely bright light.

The streams were both from without and within. I was brought to my center within the very essence of my own DNA.

As I was coming into it, and from this vastly different perspective.

I have to say that our microscopes give a much harder edge picture of the DNA/RNA genes.

There was movement ‘down’ here, an almost imperceptible sway of all the components.

While experiencing this, I became aware of the angelic encodement’s existing here, and heard:

Because of the duality of your planet, humanity has always looked outward for attributes that are within.

These encodement’s hold the angelic attributes that are part of your being, but that have been disconnected.

We will reconnect them for you, that you may take your rightful place amongst us.

You are not separate from us!! You will be reawakened to the embodiments of the archangels.

Courage, ability to protect, healing, communication, manifestation, heart centeredness and more.

Please accept these powerful transmissions from our collective heart.

Immediately explosions on an inner level took place.


Immediate feeling of expansion in the heart chakra. Realized that my heart chakra DNA was being targeted.

As each one was activated/opened, my heart chakra grew ever more expansive, finally I WAS the heart chakra.

Becoming the heart chakra ‘threw’ me into the group Christ Consciousness.

What a fabulous place, what incredible sensations/energy/seeing.

This is one of those activations that ‘puts you back on your path.

Huge surges of energy as I was brought back into alignment with my heart, the Universal Heart, the Christos Heart, and the Creator Heart.

Any anger, jealousy, greed, fear, any distorted emotions were cleared.

I flowed in and out of merging with the different aspects of each heart.

Came away with incredible love and clarity.


The new Heart Paradigm that is being brought in is HOME.

That was the sense and the word that I got when I activated this one.

I felt ALL my chakras being ‘activated’ because this paradigm is about wholeness, oneness, unity.

All my chakras flowed into my heart. Also was shown that there is a much broader definition of DNA.

There is the third dimensional one (all about physical characteristics), and then the cosmic definition.

And it was this cosmic definition that was activated.

I saw it as little itty bitty thruster rockets, and each time we get a little off the heart path.

One of these DNA sequences fires, and we are guided back on.

We are all here because we wanted to be a part of and of service for ascension.

This is what is activated.  I then felt/saw all the resequencing taking place.

What a great gift.

This one is immensely powerful.


This DNA activation is truly a step forward on the path of mastery.

Where you will be given activations of dormant DNA lodged at the base of your spine.

This allows for more light to enter your consciousness thus allowing upgrades in the future.

To be more rapid with ease and grace thus helping you to be more aligned.

Aligned with your divine mission on earth in bridging heaven and earth within you.


It is easier to embody mastery on the physical plane.

If there is energetic support for it on the etheric, emotional/astral and mental/causal planes and bodies as well as the physical one.

These series of powerful templates for mastery help provide the energetic support light-workers, healers and star seeds.

Their need to accomplish their world service contracts with the Creator.

In a way each of these activations is building a temple for mastery within your multidimensional heart.

You receive a transmission of the energies for each activation where you receive what is aligned for your highest good at that time.

This activation is time released in that as you grow and evolve and as the planet does as well.

You will be constantly upgraded by your soul with new energies from these templates of mastery.


I was immersed in the ‘flow’ that makes up my energy bodies and fields.

Realized that a pair of very gentle hands was actually ‘stretching’ my awareness.

As awareness stretched out, my aura rushed to fill it.

Just an incredible, magnificent sense of expansion.

It was in this space that I had an inkling of how big’ I actually am!

Then I started receiving incredible visions and sensations.

I know how and what seaweed feels and senses with ebb and flow of the tides.

I became smoke curling up and dissipated one molecule at a time…

There are a lot of gifts imbedded in this template–about our own incredible self!!!


Whereas the Multiverse was ‘outward’ this template seemed more inward.

It felt as if I’d been gifted with clear sight, clear hearing and clear knowing.

Everything I saw had a very crystalline quality to it.

I saw one of the many faceted diamonds that exist within us and watched as cobwebs were cleared from it.

It is finally restored to its original pure state.

I will be able to tap into knowledge gained in other lifetimes.

During all this, I was very conscious of minute adjustments going on all over me.

And while I was very much here in the present.

I was also shown ‘me’ as encompassing ALL!

If we can manage to live from the heart.

Once this template is downloaded, we will have an immense store of knowledge to draw from.


Each person will experience these DNA Mastery Activations different as no person is the same as far as seeing,  feeling and hearing spiritually,.

We are all on our own path.

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