Do it yourself Implant Removal

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Do it yourself Implant Removal

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Do it yourself Implant Removal is a series to assist you in removing some implants and other devices and attachments on your own.

This will not remove everything and will not remove J-Seals.

It will assist in removing smaller implants and devices and attachments  that are easy to find within you.

I went into the cosmic heart of Mother Father God to see what is happening on earth at this time.

I was seeing the amount of light that was being activated on earth, which was activating also the amount of implants that was in many of the people on earth.

What I was seeing is that there are many sort of remote stations outside this universe that are only being used to track the amount of light being on earth.

Once the amount of light reaches a certain level, ships are being sent out and they start implanting more and more people that carry the light.

This is done from different dimensions and mostly people will not even notice the implant themselves.

These implants will allow these beings to control or influence you.

Some of them will also physically influence you.

And even though we think we might be protected by being light, being in higher frequencies.

These beings reside in higher dimensions and are capable of penetrating through this light because of this.

So far, we have experienced that the only almost full proof way to protect ourselves is the use of daily practices of protection.

The full proof protection we have found for ourselves is having the Adam Kadmon Body integrated at this time.

But we know many are not that far yet, so we have to find ways to protect ourselves

First thing is to have these implants removed.

Many will say, I don’t have them, Almost everyone has them at this time.

We have seen many groups and websites where light workers connect going haywire.

I have received and talked to many people who have told me this in person and I have seen some of it myself.

Something changed and yes I check on a regular basis if I am implanted.

Now we have heard stories where people were implanted and they have been to healers and we can still see the implants.

They are all different and can be on different frequencies throughout the body.

If they are from higher dimensional beings they will vibrate on a higher dimensional level.

And you will have to be in that dimension to even see them.

These meditations will assist you in finding some of them and removing them.

This is a set of 10 meditations that work together as a whole to remove different types of implants, devices and attachments.

Do it yourself Implant Removal

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