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Awaken to Your Inner Self

climb to the top

Ultra-Violet Emissaries of Love Mastery Clearing Obstacles

We are master healers asked to assist you and your world. We have great knowledge of healing that is 500 light years ahead of your world. We are called Ultra-Violet Emissaries because we embrace our ultra-violet light body. In this light body we cannot take a vehicle, or our energy would instantly combust it upon…
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follow the path

Spiritual Healing and Enlightenment: Defragmentation Recalibration

It has always been a great mystery to me that I clear so much in myself and I have great shielding. And yet it seems that there is always more debris to clear out. Spiritual Healing and Enlightenment: Defragmentation Recalibration assist in clearing and shielding by Defragmentation and Recalibration. It is a three-step process really.…
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the path is there

Infinity Councils of Love Mastery Clearings

We are the Infinity Councils of Love. We are in service to the Creator and the Brothers and Sisters of Light. It is our primary purpose to oversee galaxies, universes, planets and beings in their evolution to enlightenment and mastery. At pivotal times such as these, we offer spiritual dispensations to accelerate the evolution of…
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you are as bright as the stars

Do it yourself Implant Removal

Do it yourself Implant Removal is a series to assist you in removing some implants and other devices and attachments on your own. This will not remove everything and will not remove J-Seals. It will assist in removing smaller implants and devices and attachments  that are easy to find within you. I went into the…
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Honoring of the Physical Body

Honoring of the Physical Body We celebrate our physical body as we become more and more connected with who we truly are here in the physical body. Honoring for Embracing and Accepting Who You Are Right Now Honoring for the Subconscious Mind. Honoring Your Relationship with Your Body. Honoring Your Relationship with Your Personality Self.…
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Enlightenment Clearings and Activations

Enlightenment Clearings and Activations will propel you forward into a state of enlightenment. This is to assist you in becoming a fully conscious being,. There are always clearings and activations on the path toward enlightenment and these are a few of them that will assist you on that path. Enlightenment Clearings and Activations Align with…
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the river flows in your direction

Clearing the Energetic Spaces

Clearing the Energetic Spaces, recalibrating people’s energy fields helps the energetic doorways. Openings, portals and gateways on the planetary, solar, galactic and universal levels across time, space, dimensions, angles, directions and vectors etc.. These have been opened due to a wounding from this life and past-lives  to close down. Clearing the Energetic Spaces go after…
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you can see through the forest

Buddha Cosmic Clearings

Buddha Cosmic Clearings is a series for Clearing, Healing and Releasing many emotional and mental interferences within our belief systems. We grow up believing and integrating many beliefs that are not our own. The Buddha Cosmic Clearings are very good in Clearing, Healing and Releasing these belief systems that don’t belong to us. You will…
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