Infinity Councils of Love Mastery Clearings

Awaken to Your Inner Self

Infinity Councils of Love Mastery Clearings

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We are the Infinity Councils of Love.

We are in service to the Creator and the Brothers and Sisters of Light.

It is our primary purpose to oversee galaxies, universes, planets and beings in their evolution to enlightenment and mastery.

At pivotal times such as these, we offer spiritual dispensations to accelerate the evolution of a species in their quest towards enlightenment.

We offer you the following tools that will clear all that is in opposition to your path of enlightenment and ascension process.

These gifts will propel you light years ahead in your evolution.

There is great responsibility in accepting these gifts.

For you will be propelled onto your service mission to the light for the highest good of all sentient beings on this world and others.

We congratulate you on your choice to shine!

The Infinity Councils of Love

The following Infinity Councils of Love Mastery Clearings provide powerful clearing profiles to clear your limitations to mastery.

Including clearing your past, your karma.

And all that blocks you or has the potential to block you from your path.

You will be permanently aligned to you purposes and destinies.

And assigned to the brotherhoods and sisterhoods of light that are most aligned with your mission for spiritual support and guidance.

Infinity Councils of Love Mastery Clearings

  1. Clear Your Histories
  2. Clear Your Memories
  3. Clear Your Destinies
  4. Clear Your Minds
  5. Clear Your Paths
  6. Clear Your Souls (soul lineage)
  7. Clear Your Celestial Maps
  8. Clear Your Cells
  9. Clear Your Mitochondria
  10. Clear Your Master Cell of All Limitations
  11. Clear Your Sojourns (astral travel)
  12. Clear Your Planetary Karma
  13. Clear Your Galactic Karma
  14. Clear Your Universal Karma
  15. Clear Your Solar Karma
  16. Clear Your Karma Sub-Cycle(s)

Infinity Councils of Love Mastery Clearings

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