Embodying your divine essence Your Twin Ray, Twin Soul, Divine Aspect

Awaken to Your Inner Self

Embodying your divine essence Your Twin Ray, Twin Soul, Divine Aspect

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Start the process of embodying your divine essence Your Twin Ray, Twin Soul, Divine Aspect

We will start the process of embodying our Divine Essence of Self, your Twin Ray.

When we were created from Source, we came into liquid formation and were split in two.

The other half of us is usually in another time or space assisting us on earth.

Some of us are fortunate at this time to have our other half here on earth.

For those of us that do not, it is very advantageous to integrate and embody our twin ray

The Twin Ray

The twin ray is the ultimate experience.

There is no need to look further for source as this is experienced with one another.

The joy at this time as we have prepared long for this event is overwhelming even for the many ascended masters awaiting this reunion.

You are the same God spark that came from the loving embrace of mother/father God.

It is quite a gift that we are coming into harmony with the one other half of ourselves.

There is much disbelief with this event, and I can only tell you that it is well worth the wait.

For those who refuse to accept you only prolong your advancement as many ascensions are tied into the reunification with the twin ray.

Reconnect with that one complete half

Many of us have journeyed long and far to reconnect with that one complete half of whom we are.

For the experience of duality we split in two separate spheres of light.

Now it is time to once again complete the divine union between our male and female God-self.

As all beings are created from the source substance, we are all a part of mother/father God.

In the grand oneness of source there is creation upon creation of sparks of light. You my friends are one of these sparks.

Each particle of the vast light we know as God is one part male and one part female.

The truth is always as simple as that.

There are many sequences of patterns and families of spirit moving through creation, however the fact remains that all are part of a positive/negative polarity.

Before Duality

For the inception of duality we began to move through the universal core as a team of light beings.

Together in vast consciousness we blended our light for the building of the house we live in.

We start this explanation from the Great Central Sun in this universe.

For creation moves way past this level and we shall have a great time together rejoining with every facet of our being.

A time came when the energy you know as self formed into a vehicle of expression and with wonder you came to a certain life form, praising the two of you as one.

To move down through the galactic streams many came through an Archangel or other grand being of life.

Many of you understand this being to be your father.

And yes they gave birth to your essence into the galactic realms, while some were birthed through the solar level of light.

All are children of the one.

Some of us simply birthed through an energetic life stream and agreed to step down in vibration.

A twin ray coupling, pulling from the one source of all created others.

The duality took all on earth through the solar level eventually.

Until this time all were experiencing together and aware that we were one being of a male/female nature.

Working with the forces of creation and birthing many new ideas.

All are part of the grand entity we know as mother/father God.

The bliss and the ecstasy of two hearts joined as one is beyond any human concept.

The separation process runs through several dimensions.

At the Galactic levels we started with ease and grace the separation process through several dimensions.

This ensured there would be no harm to our light vehicles.

For most of us the memory of disconnecting is still painful at a deep cellular level.

This will become part of the clearing process if one is brave enough to commit to this relationship on all levels again.

Earth is the pivot point for the entire universe for the end of duality.

We are at a blessed time when the twin ray couplings can start the slow process of reunion.

Your twin ray is the ultimate experience of your God-self in every facet.

It is who you are and for this we are extremely grateful.

Twin Ray Reunion

At this time the twin ray reunions are happening on a massive scale.

If you feel your one half is not here, you are correct dear ones.

To blend heaven and earth we are in different dimensions.

However, as the earth party moves up and attains the Christ vehicle, the upper dimensional party can commune at a certain dimension.

Whatever dimension is up to you and your twin ray.

No ascended master will step into a lower than high fifth dimensional field of light.

For two reasons, one being the safety of both parties, and the other being that the earth party has got to do their inner work to ascend.

The upper dimensional beings cannot do it for you.

What is the difference between a soul mate or twin flame, or divine complement?

I will give you the step by step process one has to integrate and clear before becoming one again with themselves.

This also coinciding with achieving the male/female balance within.

This balance along with other work must be completed before union can take place.

The seven-step earth pyramid of male/female  relationships is as follows:

Twin Ray
Twin Flames
Twin Souls
Twin Mates
Divine Expression
Soul Mates
Divine Complement

This is  what we will be accomplishing in three meditations

The First meditation  we will start with integrating and reconnecting with the Divine Complement, our soul mates and Divine Expression.

The second meditation we will be connecting with and integrating the energies of our Twin Mates, Twin Souls, and Twin Flames.

The third meditation we will be bringing into manifestation your other half of your divine essence, your Twin Ray to be integrated within yourself.

The benefits of this are you no longer are driven into having a relationship with the opposite sex because you are now whole.

If you do choose to start a new relationship or are in a relationship now, it will change.

You will seek relationships that are beneficial for both of you and have relationships with people that you share like goals and aspirations and planetary activities.

You never feel lonely again after integrating your other half.

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