Goddess Mastery Activations

Awaken to Your Inner Self

Goddess Mastery Activations

You are the light

The Goddess Mastery Activations are forgotten gifts of the ways of the feminine, of the Goddess, and of Creation.

It is time in this planets’ evolution to reclaim the power of the feminine.

In order to create balance and healing for this planet and her blessed creatures.

For far too long this planet has been plagued like a storm by wars and imbalance in power among the men and women.

Resulting in great separation and pain in the heart of the Creator.

The way to heal this is to bring in the feminine energies of peace and love, to heal these old wounds so that a balance can be created.

A movement into oneness can reign supreme once again in this Golden Age.

Goddess Mastery Activations

The following Goddess Mastery Activations will benefit both women and men by providing powerful clearing profiles.

Attunements and activations to reclaim the Goddess within and all her magical gifts and abilities for healing.

Healing self, others and the planet and to assist in anchoring the feminine energy necessary to bring in the Golden Age of Enlightenment.

1. Activating the Feminine Warrior Within
2. Activating the Heart of the Female Warrior
3. Being at One with Nature
4. Being at One with the Goddess Within
5. Being at One with Gaia
6. Coming from the Mind of the Goddess (mind recalibration)
7. Coming from the Heart of the Goddess (heart recalibration)
8. Attuning to the Goddess in All of Nature
9. Attunement to the Elemental Kingdom
10. Attunement to the Crystal and Mineral Kingdom
11. Attunement to the Plant Kingdom
12. Attunement to the Animal Kingdom
13. Attunement to the Healing Waters of the Planet
14. Attunement to the Forces of Nature for Healing
15. Working with the Five Elements for Healing and Purification (the five elements are Earth, Fire, Water, Air and Ether)
16. Ability to Communicate Telepathically with all of Gaia’s Creatures
17. Ability to Heal Planetary Waters
18. Ability to Connect and Work with Dolphins on Planetary Healing
19. Ability to Connect and Work with the Blessed Beings of Light in Service to Gaia
20. Goddess Activation for Empowerment

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