Heart oriented ascension activations

Awaken to Your Inner Self

Heart oriented ascension activations

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These Heart oriented ascension activations are a series of powerful mastery activations. 

They are part of the heart-oriented approach to ascension.

Each of these powerful mastery activations help provide the energetic support light-workers, healers and starseeds.

To accomplish their world service contracts with the Creator. 

These Heart oriented ascension activations are done on different levels.

We start with Planetary Level. then Cosmic Level and end with Source Level.

You have to complete The Planetary Level before you can move to the Cosmic Level.

And you have to complete Planetary Level and Cosmic Level before you can move onto the Source Level.

Heart Activations Group 1 

  1. Angelic Heart Activation 
  2. Buddha Heart Alignment/Activation 
  3. Christos Heart Alignment/Activation 
  4. Cosmos Heart Alignment/Activation 
  5. Heart Forgiveness Activation 
  6. Heart Fractals Activation 
  7. Heart Kabbalah Activation 
  8. Heart Kundalini Activation 
  9. Heart Light Activation 
  10. Heart Mastery Activation 
  11. Heart Rays Activation 

 Heart Activations Group 2 

  1. Heart Ascension Activation 
  2. Heart Ascension Chambers Activation 
  3. Heart Ascension Temples Activation 
  4. Heart Ascension Vortices Activation 
  5. Heart Universes Activation 
  6. Heart Vectors Activation 
  7. Heart Vortices Activation 
  8. Holy Spirit Heart Alignment/Activation 
  9. Infinite Heart Expansion Activation 
  10. VOID Heart Alignment/Activation 
  11. Heart Joy Activation 

 Heart Activations Group 3 

  1. Angelic Heart Alignment 
  2. Divine Mother/Father Heart Alignment/Activation 
  3. Electrical Heart Alignment 
  4. Elohim Heart Alignment/Activation 
  5. Heart Bubble Activation 
  6. Heart Chambers Activation 
  7. Heart Crystals Activation 
  8. Heart DNA Activation 
  9. Heart Facets Activation 
  10. Heart Empowerment Activation 
  11. Heart Compassion Activation  

Heart Activations Group 4 

  1. Gaia Heart Alignment/Activation 
  2. Galactic Heart Alignment/Activation 
  3. Heart Antahkarana Activation 
  4. Heart Aura Activation 
  5. Heart Seeds Activation 
  6. Heart Stargate Activation 
  7. Heart Surrender Activation 
  8. Heart Temples Activation 
  9. Magnetic Heart Activation 
  10. Mother/Father GOD Heart Alignment/Activation 
  11. Heart Stillness Activation 

Heart Activations Group 5 

  1. Heart Awakening Activation cosmic 
  2. Heart Buoyancy Activation 
  3. Heart Codes Activation 
  4. Rainbow Heart Alignment/Activation 
  5. Multiverse Heart Alignment/Activation 
  6. Omniverse Heart Alignment/Activation 
  7. Solar Heart Alignment/Activation 
  8. Spiraling Heart Alignment/Activation 
  9. Starseed Heart Alignment/Activation 
  10. Universal Heart Alignment/Activation 

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Description of Four of the Heart Activations for Group 1: 

Angelic Heart Activation (Group 1) 

Colors (not of our visible spectrum) showered down around me, and I became a little dizzy. These colors started to swirl and then were sucked into my heart chakra where they continued to swirl. This movement could be felt throughout my entire body. I felt some pressure on my chest but not too much, also very aware of energy moving left to right. I was told to remember that we humans are truly angels on earth and that the joy I was feeling is a normal state for us…we’ve just forgotten, or have bought into the illusion. This activation will bring that state of love and joy back to us, and will help anchor us in the vibration of love and joy. 

Buddha Heart Alignment/Activation (Group 1) 

To me the Buddha is all about stillness–of doing, of being. I was swept into the heart of the Buddha and instantly EVERYTHING was stillness. I ‘sat’ here a while aware that stillness isn’t to be equated with nothing. This stillness is vibrant, it has texture, tones, frequencies. I heard the following: “Humans tend to confuse true stillness with boredom. True stillness of the heart however is my gift to humanity. It is the love that holds everything together. It is the wisdom that is sought the world over. Come dear ones allow yourself to enter the heart of stillness and understand.” I became aware of so much sensory info–a waterfall of love, yet no movement. This is awesome. 

Christos Heart Alignment/Activation (Group 1) 

This one started out with a great deal of pressure on the heart/chest. Not uncomfortable, but very noticeable. I heard/saw various tones that would hit my heart and vibrate it. As I watched this, saw an orchid unfold in the center of my heart chakra. It was of the yellow/gold spectrum and represented the wisdom of the heart being downloaded. The orchid then turned silvery/blue and this spectrum represents the ability to send unconditional love into the world. I asked about the colors and was told that these heart alignment/activations are of 4th and 5th dimensional energies, hence different colors. Then both ‘orchids’ were activated…. am still floating on this one! 

Cosmos Heart Alignment/Activation (Group 1) 

Birthright Birthright Birthright were the first words I heard. I then saw and felt my heart chakra explode with billions of filaments that went streaking into the universe. I thought there were gold, but saw they were actually iridescent. When I questioned this, saying I thought the filaments came from the solar plexus, I was reminded that the new paradigm is heart centered, and so our ‘life filaments’ come from the heart now. These filaments connected me to everything, thus the word, birthright. Being co-creators, we now can remember this fact, and begin to travel the in-breath of God. This activation is about remembering the heart-centeredness of this cosmos and putting it to use. 


Description of Four of the Heart Activations for Group 2: 

Heart Ascension Activation (Group 2) 

I think I saw a cord coming out of the back of my heart and being anchored in a ball of light. Next there was a stupendous explosion of light and color and virtually indescribable waves of energy flowing through me. For a few glorious minutes I became my heart chakra, and the view from here is AWESOME. While in this state, frequencies, templates, and codes were downloaded so that my energetic being could work toward being a unified heart chakra. WOW! 

Heart Ascension Chambers Activation (Group 2) 

Hmm, if the Heart Ascension Activation was about a unified heart chakra, then this one is about unifying the chambers. I saw 4 chambers, with each chamber having a long hallway of chambers leading off of it–an infinite amount. I floated into one of these chambers and was in a totally different dimension. I can only describe it as mathematical. I came back to the 4 chambers and found that each chamber reverberated with the light that was pouring in. I felt immense and as if I covered the universe. I have the feeling that these are chambers relating to ‘God Knowledge.’ 

Heart Ascension Temples Activation (Group 2) 

Felt an energetic pressure on the heart chakra, and saw archways, flying buttresses. My consciousness slid through one of these archways, and I found myself just floating, expansive, encompassing, including all that is. Was told that this is the ‘foundation vibration’ for the heart ascension activations. I stayed here for a long time, imprinting this vibration in my energy so that I could carry it with me always. 

Heart Ascension Vortices Activation (Group 2) 

At each intersection of the meridians, axiational lines, the personal energetic web are vortexes. This activation clears and activates each of these, enabling us to have pristine ‘hook-up’ to the Galactic Web. Not only does this align us with the beat of the Galaxy/Mother/Father God, it allows us to tap into information about ascension into the 4th and 5th dimensions. 


Description of Four of the Heart Activations for Group 3: 

Angelic Heart Alignment (Group 3) 

This aligns your heart with the purity/love of the Angelic Kingdom. We are angels too in a human suit, and we sometimes forget the love we are. A lot of circulation in the heart chakra and I felt the ‘unfolding’ of various levels of my heart. Saw as each level of this unfolding was connected to the whole Angelic host. In total fascination I watch as millions of tiny spirals came out of my heart and formed into one big spiral that pulsed through space to a dimension where the Angels exist. Once there, it was like I was plugged into an electrical socket. Incredible waves of love swept over me, and I knew I was in total alignment with these incredible beings and could call on them at any time to help me re-align myself. Beautiful. 

Divine Mother/Father Heart Alignment/Activation (Group 3) 

I was taken to a place outside of our time, and in this place, I became aware of Mother/Father’s heartbeat. Divine Mother/Father oversee this solar system. Every time their heart beat my whole body vibrated. In the space between the beats, I remembered that I am god/goddess and simply love. I realized that this vibrating with the heartbeat of Divine Mother/Father was bringing me up an octave in frequency so that I resonated with them, making it easier to accomplish what I came here to do. Just beautiful… 

Electrical Heart Alignment (Group 3) 

WOW. Someone slapped me in the back of the head, and then the back of the heart chakra. Then a huge jolt went through my whole energetic system. Felt/saw the charges emanating from my physical heart being cleared of erroneous poles, mis-qualified energy, and memories that didn’t serve me any longer. Sense that this electric charge around my heart is more akin to the electricity generated by lightening than that generated by man. Because it is of greater amps (?) it will attract a higher frequency energy to it, helping us to anchor 4th and 5th dimensional energies into our hearts. 

Elohim Heart Alignment/Activation (Group 3) 

Just an incredible wave of Joy swept over/ through me. I was then taken to another dimensional chamber of my Heart. Here I was shown the part I had agreed to play in the ‘Heart Paradigm Play’. As I looked my part over, I was told I could opt out of this part–I said no I wanted to be a player. Immediately upon saying that, waves of LOVE/LIGHT rolled out of my heart and spread outwards, actually increasing in magnitude as they traveled further from my heart center. “This is the blessing of the Elohim-by intent you will encompass all with the unconditional love of your heart.” What an awe inspiring activation! By our intention we can encompass all in love! 


Description of Four of the Heart Activations for Group 4: 

Gaia Heart Alignment/Activation (Group 4) 

My feet chakras began to tingle, and I felt very centered. This was all about remembering that Gaia, the goddess aspect of Mother Earth, and Mother Earth herself, are sentient beings. Our hearts are aligned and synchronized with the wisdom of Gaia. We once again are taken to the womb of Mother Earth who sustains us and made aware that we are all one. What we do to Gaia, we literally do to ourselves. A lot of physical sensations as my energetic field adjusted to the rhythm of Gaia’s heart. With this adjustment came clarity pertaining to Gaia’s role in the ascension of the Heart. We can’t do it without Her. 

Galactic Heart Alignment/Activation (Group 4) 

This is another piece of the galactic activations. This is about understanding that the movement of the galaxy is reflected in our cells. The frequencies of the Great Central Sun (Heart) are mimicked within us. A great deal of spiralling sensation as this alignment took place. A tube that seemed to be built of stars opened from my heart and went upwards to the Great Central Sun (Heart), and light (info) poured down into my spaces. I recognized the info while receiving it, but can’t seem to remember it now. I do know it was about humankind’s place in this ascension that is taking place throughout this galaxy, and I know it is imperative that we (humans) step into our hearts. This activation will help us. 

Heart Antahkarana Activation (Group 4) 

Wow, this is a profound activation. All my ‘hearts’ throughout all times spaces dimensions galaxies universes were connected by rainbow bridges. These bridges in turn were connected to the Creator Goddesses/God of each galaxy and then to the Mother of All Creation. When I returned from this activation, I was crying tears of joy. 

Heart Aura Activation (Group 4) 

A very gentle clearing and alignment of the electro-magnetic field which is the hearts aura.  Mis qualified energies, thoughts and emotions are held within this field, and we act from the attachment we have to them instead of from the pristine love of the heart. Once this field is cleared, we notice a lightness of being, an ability to encompass ALL with love, a clarity that allows us to embrace all of diversity. Very subtle yet powerful activation.” 


Description of Four of the Heart Activations for Group 5: 

Heart Awakening Activation (Group 5) 

An alignment of our heart with that of the Creator/Creatrix’s heart.  In the old paradigm, our ‘life force fibers’ emanated from our solar plexus.  In the new paradigm, the fibers come from our heart. This activation clears any residual 3rd dimensional illusions from the fibers, reconnects them to the HEART Of the CREATOR and then activates them. Saw streaming gold energies between my heart and a light so bright that I’m not sure ‘light’ describes it.  Wonderful feeling of coming home. I feel much lighter and more in tune with the universe’s energies. 

Heart Buoyancy Activation (Group 5) 

This actually started with a crown chakra opening.  As energy poured into my crown, the heart was being opened. Then I felt/watched as energy flowed from above to my crown, to my heart and out, and from God/Goddess to my heart and out my crown.  This two way connection allows us to be in the heart/moment and to be resilient to the energies that bombard us every day.  I felt like a cork floating in a sea awash with waves. Every time I felt I would go down, my heart would pull me back to center. A very very nice place to be. 

Heart Codes Activation (Group 5) 

We all come in with ‘codes’ (or encodements) about ourselves, our service, our unique karmic path, our place in co-creation, or spiritual path. Some of these codes are heart specific. This activation goes in and retrieves any codes that have been lost in our many incarnations, repairs them, aligns them and activates them. When I activated this for myself, I saw many forms, shapes, inscriptions floating around me. I felt an enormous wave of energy run thru me, and then the ‘codes’ were poured into my heart. This was such a joyful feeling that I stayed here for a while. Upon coming back, the actual activation of the codes took place, and this was an amazing expansion of the heart. 

Rainbow Heart Alignment/Activation (Group 5) 

This heart activation helps you to bring in the Cosmic Rainbow Rays of Creation into your heart. Many of these rays originate from the Void are very multi-dimensional and contain many, many layers of healing and enlightenment energies. This heart activation is a divine dispensation of grace to assist humanity to raise their vibration so that they may live more and more from their heart and ascends as Gaia does. 

Every person will experience these Heart oriented ascension activations differently.

We are all on our own path of awakening.

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