J-Seal, Jehovian Seal Removal Training

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J-Seal, Jehovian Seal Removal Training

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J-Seal, Jehovian Seal Removal Training is something many have asked me for.

I have been doing J-Seal, Jehovian Seal removal for more then 15 years.

I get a lot of emails from people asking me if I do J-seal removal training.

Most of them get a J-Seal removal and want to learn how to do the removal to make some money.

I have seen a lot of people on Etsy offering a J-Seal removal.

The J-seal removal is not something to be take lightly.

I have learned after doing hundreds of them that its not as simple as doing a couple of prayers.

They are embedded within the energy bodies.

Unless you can see all the energies in every layer of the energy bodies, you should not be doing removals.

I had a friend who was advanced spiritually, I started working with her and we were doing removals together.

It ended up with me doing almost all of it.

As even she with her spiritual knowing and being able to see some of the energies.

And she was not able to remove the J-Seals completely.

The common knowledge is that they are some seals, just a plate that is sealing something of.

J- Seal removal is a bit more than just taking the Seal of.

Therefore, when people ask for J-Seal removal training, I really cannot do it.

You must be able to understand and see any energies.

It is not because I do not want to.

It is because most people cannot see the J-Seals or just see a small part of them.

It is not as simple as taking a lid of a jar.

It took me years to get to the point of seeing all the energies.

Before I even started doing the J-Seal removals.

And I am still learning, every J-Seal removal is different on each person.

J-Seal removal is not a one size fits all.

Training to do a J-Seal removal is not just doing the J-seal removal.

You need to be a clear conduit, being able to see and feel all the energies.

This requires more then just having a J-Seal removal yourself.

Right now, I am doing the J-Seal removal for 49.00.

It is several days of work and includes a bit more then just taking out the J-Seals.

Training to do the J-seal removal is not something I can do at this time.

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