Advanced Clearing and Protection

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Advanced Clearing and Protection

clearing through water energies

Advanced Clearing and Protection is a great package to do on a regular basis.

We have two sets, one for Planetary and one for Cosmic.

Advanced Clearing and Protection Planetary is for regular 3D to 5D clearing and protection.

Advanced Clearing and Protection Cosmic is for everything beyond.

Much of our energy bodies exist in different dimension, our physical body is in 3D to 5D most of the time.

Although we start to exist in higher dimensions as well depending upon our spiritual development.

This is why Advanced Clearing and Protection on a Cosmic level was added.

Clearing and protection on a 3D to 5D level works a bit different than on Higher Dimensional levels.

Protection is never full proof, so always be aware and keep yourself clear of any attachments etc..

It is very good to keep checking your energies on a regular basis.

You will usually notice very quickly if something feels wrong or just off.

It is not always something negative, as clearings can be felt very physically.

Just be aware.

Advanced Clearing and Protection

  1. Advanced Clearing Profile for Ascension
  2. Advanced Clearing and Healing Profiles for the Personality and Mental Body
  3. Advanced Clearing Profile for Covert/Hidden Less-than-Love Stuff
  4. Blaster, Dissolver and Transmuter for Less Than Love Interference
  5. Blaster, Dissolver and Transmuter of Less Than Love Patterns, Energies and Frequencies
  6. Clearing and Healing the Universal Spaces
  7. Clearing and Healing the Multiverse Spaces
  8. Clearing and Healing the Omniverse Spaces
  9. Angelic/Elohim Sexual/Intimate Encounters Transmuter Shield
  10. Etheric Body Double Transmuter Shield
  11. Financial Sovereignty Transmuter Shield
  12. Universal Adversary Transmuter Shield
  13. Universal Alien/Extraterrestrial Activities/Influences Transmuter Shield
  14. Universal Astral Travel Transmuter Shield
  15. Universal Empathy Transmuter Shield
  16. Universal Entities, Waywards and Elementals Transmuter Shield
  17. Universal Genetics Transmuter
  18. Universal Hooks and Cords Transmuter Shield
  19. Universal Implants, Devices and Technologies Transmuter Shield
  20. Universal Matrix Blaster, Dissolver and Transmuter Shield
  21. Universal Negative Thought Forms Transmuter Shield
  22. Universal Spherical Transmuter Shield
  23. Universal Touch Transmuter Shield
  24. Going beyond all that we know to ask for, divine ideal shielding and protective mechanisms.

Advanced Clearing and Protection

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