Kabbalistic Ascension Activations

Awaken to Your Inner Self

Kabbalistic Ascension Activations

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I ask for these Kabbalistic Ascension Activations to be integrated within my being.

With all my heart and soul and mind and might I now call forth from the Throne of God.

The Golden Chamber of Melchizedek, and Sanat Kumara, our Planetary Logos.

An ascension activation program for my personal and cosmic ascension.

I also request ascension activation for my core ascension group and for all sincere ascension seekers on the entire planet.

And ascension activation for the Earth Mother if she would like to receive this blessing.

That these activations be given as I request them and that they also be programmed into the ascension seats.

And the Light quotient building program with which I am involved and which I am officially invoking now.

99% Light quotient

I request that this program, once invoked, continue twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, three hundred sixty-five days a year.

Until I achieve a 99% Light quotient, the anchoring of my fifty chakras.

Completion of my seven levels of initiation.

The anchoring of my twelve strands of DNA, the anchoring and activation of my twelve bodies.

And full God-Realization on all levels.

I request that this take place at night while i sleep.

It is now time for all of humanity and the Earth to fully complete their ascension.

Kabbalistic Ascension Activations

  1. The sixty-four Keys of Enoch on solar, galactic, universal, multi-universal, and cosmic levels in all five sacred languages.
  2. Anchor the Deca Delta Light emanations from the ten Light Superscripts of YHWH.
  3. Anchor the fifty chakras, the twelve bodies, and the Melchizedek diamonds and crystals.
  4. Anchor the Nogan shells of YHWH on a permanent basis.
  5. Anchor the divine template and the Light grid of the Elohim permanently.
  6. Anchor YHWH’s Tablets of Creation.
  7. Anchor the cosmic Torah Or of YHWH.
  8. Anchor the scriptures of Melchizedek.
  9. Anchor the scriptures of Metatron.
  10. Anchor the Elohim scriptures.
  11. Anchor the Light packets of the higher Kabbalah of YHWH and Melchizedek.
  12. Anchor the cosmic Tree of Life permanently; open all Sephiroth.
  13. Anchor the seventy-six sacred names of Metatron and YHWH.
  14. Anchor YHWH’s living energy codes.
  15. Anchor YHWH’s Book of Knowledge.
  16. Anchor the gifts of the Holy Spirit as described in The Keys of Enoch.
  17. Anchor the scrolls of weights and measures.
  18. Anchor the keys of the Melchizedek priesthood.
  19. Anchor the highest triad of Sephirothic knowledge.
  20. Anchor the divine seed of the Elohim.
  21. Anchor the keys to the Father, Son, and Shekinah universes.
  22. Anchor the biological codes for the Christ race.
  23. Anchor the scriptures of the luminaries.
  24. Anchor the codes of the luminaries.
  25. Anchor the hidden divine word of YHWH.
  26. Anchor the image of the Elohim permanently.
  27. Anchor the flame of YHWH on a permanent basis.
  28. Anchor the knowledge of the next universe as described in The Keys of Enoch.
  29. Anchor the ten pictures of the Light of YHWH as described in Key 64.
  30. Anchor the entire treasury of the Light of YHWH on an ongoing, nonstop basis for the next two years until the twelve dimensions and bodies and the fifty chakras have been completed.
  31. Illuminate permanently the seventy-two areas of the mind.
  32. Anchor the complete Yod spectrum.

33. Anchor the permanent Teleshift Light Field for divine protection

  1. Complete the opening of the Gates of Light all the way up to YHWH and his Treasury of Light.
  2. Anchor the cosmic pyramids of Light on a permanent basis.
  3. Anchor the Robe of Power of Djwhal Khul.
  4. Anchor the Robe of Power of Melchizedek.
  5. Allow the permanent anchoring of the sword of Lord Michael.
  6. Remove at this time all veils of Light.
  7. Remove all veils of time.
  8. Allow a permanent anchoring of the tetragrammaton upon our inner minds.
  9. Allow a permanent anchoring of the Divine Plan of YHWH.
  10. Anchor the Light pyramid of the next universe of YHWH.
  11. Anchor and activate all living energy codes so that our nucleic membrane can attach itself to the larger membrane of the universe of YHWH.
  12. Anchor the scriptures of luminaries to come.
  13. Anchor the sacred geometries and color codes to transform our chromosomes into the blueprint of YHWH.
  14. Anchor on a permanent basis the Electromagnetic body, Epi-ki-netic body, Eka body, Gematrian body, Overself body, Anointed Christ Overself body, Zohar body of Light, higher Adam Kadmon body, and the Lord’s Mystical Body.
  15. Permanently anchor our overself bodies (the Elohistic Lords, the Paradise Sons, the Orders of the Sonship, and the Christ Overself Body, and the overself body as described in The Keys of Enoch).
  16. Permanently anchor the twelve foundations of the heavenly Jerusalem.
  17. Anchor and activate all pertinent Light packets of information from the Melchizedek Dead Sea Scrolls.
  18. Lastly, by the grace of GOD, anchor the entire Treasury of Light of YHWH.

. We request that our crown chakras be directly connected by a cylinder of Light with this treasury, under the guidance of Metatron and Melchizedek.

. We request that the ascension columns in our ashrams be connected with this treasury if that be in harmony with GOD’s will.

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