Keys of Enoch Fire Letters, original genetic construction

Awaken to Your Inner Self

Keys of Enoch Fire Letters, original genetic construction

You are the light

The Keys of Enoch Fire Letters Series of working on activation and integrating the energies and coding’s of the fire codes.

Each DNA strand corresponds to a Fire Letter or Fire Code built upon electromagnetic impulses of sound arranged in patterned sequences.

Each Fire Letter corresponds to a dimensional frequency band of consciousness.

Collectively all the Fire Letter Code sequences correspond to the 12 DNA strand matrix.

Which is the original genetic construction code of the human species.

DNA structural level

Fire letters are key codes at our DNA structural level.

That will be re-keyed to have access into these newly accessed higher reality light fields (multidimensional timelines).

And this is starting to occur in our Sub-Atomic layers; starting to drill down into our molecules and into our physical cellular form.

Our physical selves are being rewired now.

And our energetic template selves are to be re-encrypted with master key codes that access upgraded fire letter instruction sets.

We are being introduced to the new elements from the New Earth.

These are specifically here to begin to assist in redesigning our current biology.

Physical and Spiritual Body

These codes are to support the transformation of the physical body.

As well as to support to the transformation to our original coding system when we first came to earth in a light body.

The coding’s are used to adjust any misinformation within our energy system.

As well as to adjust any systems that are there and are not supposed to be there.

And as well as bring in the systems that are supposed to be there for us to be able to transform the physical body into our light body.

Being able to take on a physical appearance when needed.

The teachings of Enoch

The teachings of Enoch can explain how we will transmute this world of material form.

To be consistent with the structural pattern of the living light (source).

Where both “man” and “higher man” can freely commingle as “life” within the “living light”.

Passing from one type of visibility to another, not only to the other side of the ultra-violet spectrum but into the consciousness intelligence.

From which the derivative garments of light have unfolded as “many embodiments of intelligence” into the many electromagnetic spectrums.

The keys not only support and assist in the dimensional creation, but support consciousness within and outside three-dimensional creation.

The keys are the interconnection for the Great Transformation.

The ancient languages used are Egyptian, Hebrew, Tibetan, Sanskrit and Chinese tongues. They are the “sound of light”.

Fire letter geometries are used to shape creation between the powers of light and the octaves of sound.

They constitute the regenerative power of bio coupling expressed through the vibration of the word which produces the letters of color geometry.

Energy words

The energy words are used to code the body directly into the light (source).

As well as they provide sound vibration of protection.

In coming to earth each spiritual soul leaves his or her particular treasure.

Or his or her share of the treasury of the living light (the source part of you) behind in the higher worlds which will await their return.

In entering the physical dimension, the energy of high-speed electrons is gradually absorbed by electromagnetic and electrostatic “brakers”.

So that the thought-form body carried through high frequency light slows down long enough to interact with the electrons in the outer orbit atoms.

The entrance of the greater luminescence into the common luminescence opens the” gates” into the realms of biological phenomena so that the darkness can behold the light.


Evolution is the advancement of consciousness power in overcoming physical limitation and all consciousness states.

Our memories of the higher evolution or spiritual evolution are hidden from our knowledge by a veil of light.

And when we remove this veil, the other worlds of existence will be simultaneously revealed.

However, the choice must be made in every embodiment, in every cycle, in every plan of creation.

May the Hayavah (the tetragrammation) be inscribed upon our inner minds so that the One reveals itself to activate our imperishability.

At this moment we can do 46 Fire letters

Fire letters keys of enoch


The activations and integrations are done in two steps, So you will receive tw meditation for each letter.

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