Questions J-Seal or Jehovian Seal removal

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Questions J-Seal or Jehovian Seal removal

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What are seals?

You all know about the 7 seals in the bible, they are not the 7 Jehovian seals within the physical body.

The 7 seals and you can read the passages that are described within the bible are metaphors for what these seals represent.

The first six seals have been opened and the seventh seal is about to open.

A small group has worked on clearing the energies within and around the first six seals and the effect they had upon earth.

They have worked on opening the seventh seal as to bring it into the awareness and consciousness of the earth and bring in the energies that allow for the opening of this seal as it will affect everyone on earth.

These are the 7 seals, but there are more seals that are within you, around you and within many different dimensions.

Many seals are used to block something of, to not release something or to release something at a specific point in time.

The Jehovian seals only come into action when the human starts to integrate higher frequencies within the physical body. They are not doorways or portals.

Many use the phrase seal when new doorways are opening up within the dimensions. These doorways were not sealed, you just could not reach them as you did not have the correct frequency to reach them or see them.

There are however portals and gateways that are sealed off at this time, and there are small groups working on clearing them and bringing them back to their original state.

There are seals within you that are closing off portals or gateways to other dimensional parts of you.

Some have suggested that the j-seals will disappear as they move into the higher frequencies. This would be possible if the J-seals would move with you into those frequencies.

The J-seals were placed within the physical frequency, and they were programmed to stay within that frequency. They will not disappear simply by moving into higher frequencies.

Some implants and other seals will disappear, others will not.

Many were placed between the 3rd and 5th dimensional level as this is where they can be of great use in preventing you from in fact raising the frequency of the physical body.

As many are more focused on reaching those higher frequencies than actually integrating those frequencies.

You need to be able to move between all frequencies and integrate all frequencies within the physical body.

Many are ascending upwards within their being, forgetting that as above so below you also have to ascend these parts down into the physical body.

How do you remove J-seals?

This is extremely specific work as they are within the energetic bodies and they are not in the same place for each person, they also have different frequencies for each person.

Removal is therefore not something I can teach, as you need the ability yourself to see them, to see where they are connected. This means you will have to go through all frequencies within the energetic bodies and you will have to be able to see this.

Once removed, can the seals be placed back on without my knowing?

No, they cannot be replaced or put back in. Once removed your own energy takes the place of the empty spot. That is why I always say it takes several days as I want to make sure nothing is left behind and your own energy had taken up the space.

Once removed, does it make one very psychic/intuitive…being able to see, hear, sense things that one couldn’t before?

No, I have not seen that with any person so far.  The J-seals really do not affect that.

The J-seals block some of your own energies and they will start flowing better. The J-seals effect the physical more than the spiritual in some way.

But we are in reality all energy beings and anything that does not belong in our energies blocks the flow of our energies.

Once removed, would spirits, other beings, ETs even, be drawn to me because they sense my differences from the majority (who still have seals on)?

No, it does not make a difference. The removal mostly works on the physical energies. These beings do not really look at the physical body energies or 3rd dimensional energies. They are more focused on higher dimensional frequencies so anytime you do anything like meditation, astral travel etc., it is good to protect yourself in any way you feel comfortable with.

I would like to get them removed for several family members as well, many of whom don’t believe in this.

This is possible but I would have to ask permission from their soul/Spirit.

If someone is possessed or something like that, would the removal have any negative effect on that person?

No, it would not, but it will probably be harder to remove them. If the person is really possessed or has negative spirits attached to them. These spirits will try to prevent the removal.

Why is it that not more people are channeling this information?

The information might be in the energy being sent to the channel. The problem lies within the translation. The human needs to have an understanding of the j-seals and implants, the human need to know about them. The human mind is the part that translates the message. If there is no awareness in the human mind about this the human mind cannot translate the energy so will not be able to give the information.

Also, there is a taboo on these types of messages as most consider it fear mongering and all that. I have brought out many messages on this subject of J-seals and implants and the reactions have been mostly very negative. Except the reaction from the people who have done this, they are very positive and some of them experienced it as a huge leap forward within their progress and path.

I have a hard time of this being mandatory, why is it mandatory for ascension, and why can we not ascend without doing this?

I do not see it as mandatory; I see it as something I need to do to progress on my path of ascension.

And not just ascension, it is also important to connect with your inner self, your true Self.

What can I expect during and after a J-seal removal?

During the removal you can expect tiredness, feeling emotional. I alwasy suggest do what your body feels like doing. Eat certain things you normally dont eat, drink lots of water get more sleep. Any emotions just let them flow through you, they are old emotions that you dont need anymore.

After the J-seal removal, some have had certain pains within the physical body that can go away. Others will feel more balanced physically and spiritually.

It can be different for each person, no experience is the same.

Why is it not readily available and free as it is so important?

I know that has been asked many times and for many other activations that are needed. If you look back at previous times, people would go to mystery schools if they wanted to advance spiritually.

They would pay with their service to the temple, but some would pay with money as well. All depending upon their circumstances.

It would be normal to pay the teachers through these types of services, like bringing food for the teachers, or assist in the work needed in and around the temples.

At this time, we do not have physical mystery schools, or temples that can be attended.

We still however need to support the teachers as some of them do this full time and need money as they have to pay their bills and buy food just like everyone else.

The ones that were serious about ascension and or spiritual advancement would reside in the temples, or mystery school full-time. Also, something that is not possible anymore.

But the ones serious about ascension would work on this full-time, day and night in the physical and spiritual realms.

I would like to do the J-seal removal can it be done long distance?

The work is done energetically it can be done no matter if you are there in person or not.

We are of the light, if we believe it is not there, it is not there.

Or once we go into the 5th dimension it will not be there anymore. This is victim consciousness and brings in fear. We should not have to pay anyone to have these removed.

One person said she had ascended and was now integrating this, so she was not affected by it.

So, I would like to give a bit more background information from what I have seen and experienced myself so far.

First of all, most people are working on planetary ascension and from there we go onto cosmic ascension.

Or they just want to connect with their spiritual Self.

At this point in time, we have become more aware, the higher the frequency we live in the more knowledge comes through the veil and we are receiving this.

The knowledge coming in though can be distorted, it is coming through higher dimensions and some of it from outside this universe.

The J-seals are part of what is distorting this knowledge we receive, as we can see in the bible and many of the other religions that are on earth at this point. Therefore, we say that all religions carry part of the truth.

The distortion of energies that is being done by the J-seals goes all the way up to the 12th dimension. This means you will have to be able to go into the 12th dimension and higher to receive knowledge that is not distorted.

The J-seals will prevent you from going into these higher dimensions.

But see how far you are able to progress, if even the 11th dimension is affected, and part of the 12th dimension is affected.

The J-seals will allow you to go into the higher dimensions, so yes you feel you have made progress. You will feel better. But you will not be able to maintain full consciousness.

Since full consciousness is connected to source consciousness which does mean you will have to be able to travel through all dimensions and all universes.

You are limited to 11 dimensions in this universe and most people even limit themselves to the 5th dimension.

For myself, the removal of these J-seals opened me up to be able to view beyond our universe and all dimensions in this universe. Now I must admit that I have been working on cosmic ascension for a long time and my light quotient has been raised.

So, the experience will be different for others.

The removal of the J-seals is done through certain techniques of healing, and it would take you 18 months or more to complete the removal.

When I was shown how to remove my J-seals I did not know anything about these techniques, and I still do not know.

The masters showed me and gave me advice on how to remove them in a fast and safe way. It still took me several days to remove them but that was my learning experience to understand the process fully.

Ignore it and its not there.

It is the same thing as saying you have eyes to see, but if you do not want to see, just close your eyes, and ignore it. That does not mean your eyes or the part you do not want to see is gone, it is all still there.

We can ignore all the information that has been coming in, if we had done that, we would not even know about the 5th dimension.

It does not have anything to do with victim consciousness as many people like to think, we have gone through the part where we have realized somewhat, we are living in a matrix controlled by others.

We have lived with a veil over our eyes. All the information coming in sharing this with us did not bring in the victim consciousness, it made us aware of what is really happening, it started lifting the veil.

We do not need to pay for anything.

What do we think about the 5th dimension, we all are hoping it will be without money?

So, what if that happens, how are you going to get food and everything else. There will be people that can build houses, people that grow food. There will be an exchange, maybe not of money, but of energy. The person that grows the food will give that to the person that builds his house.

It is not as simple as just saying, I will sent you some energy if you spend a couple of weeks working on building my house.

The removal is not a one-day job, it takes several days.

I think this is what many people do not understand, everyone is willing to pay for their food, their house, their car. But what about spiritual knowledge, classes that actually assist you on something even more important than the basic needs, your spiritual needs.

Why do we think that everything must come for free? Or will be paid for by just sending some energy, which most people will not even do once they have received the class.

Just being honest about this from my experience.

How do I find someone to remove these J-seals and implants?

Just type in a search on Google and you will find others that can do this.

Look around and see who and what feels right to you.

One other thing I would like to add to the information out there is that these seals are within the energy systems.

It does not always apply to say problems on the left side, I have had many that had their problems on the right side as these seals lock in in one place, but the energy system might be more active on the right side.

Also, the list is not always accurate as I have found them in other places as well.

Can I do this myself?

You need to be able to see on all frequency levels, you must be able to consciously see on all levels.

I had someone ask me for the frequency and I cannot tell you anything about that as the J-seals all operate on different frequencies for each person.

So just locking into a specific frequency will not work.

Can I learn to do this to remove them from others?

It is sort of the same answer as learning to remove them from yourself.

You need to be able to see on all frequency levels, you must be able to consciously see on all levels.

J-Seal, Jehovian Seal Removal Training is something many have asked me for.

I have been doing J-Seal, Jehovian Seal removal for more than 15 years.

I get a lot of emails from people asking me if I do J-seal removal training.

Most of them get a J-Seal removal and want to learn how to do the removal to make some money.

I have seen a lot of people on Etsy offering a J-Seal removal.

The J-seal removal is not something to be taken lightly.

I have learned after doing hundreds of them that it is not as simple as doing a couple of prayers.

They are embedded within the energy bodies.

Unless you can see all the energies in every layer of the energy bodies, you should not be doing removals.

I had a friend who was advanced spiritually, I started working with her and we were doing removals together.

It ended up with me doing almost all of it.

As even she with her spiritual knowing and being able to see some of the energies.

And she was not able to remove the J-Seals completely.

The common knowledge is that they are some seals, just a plate that is sealing something of.

J- Seal removal is a bit more than just taking the Seal of.

Therefore, when people ask for J-Seal removal training, I really cannot do it.

You must be able to understand and see any energies.

It is not because I do not want to.

It is because most people cannot see the J-Seals or just see a small part of them.

It is not as simple as taking a lid of a jar.

It took me years to get to the point of seeing all the energies.

Before I even started doing the J-Seal removals.

And I am still learning, every J-Seal removal is different on each person.

J-Seal removal is not a one size fits all.

Training to do a J-Seal removal is not just doing the J-seal removal.

You need to be a clear conduit, being able to see and feel all the energies.

This requires more than just having a J-Seal removal yourself.

Right now, I am doing the J-Seal removal for 49.00.

It is several days of work and includes a bit more than just taking out the J-Seals.

Training to do the J-seal removal is not something I can do at this time

I hope this answers some of the questions.

If you cannot find your answer just contact me and i will try to give you an answer.

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