Reactions on Jehovian Seals/J-seals

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Reactions on Jehovian Seals/J-seals

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Question and reactions, Jehovian Seals/J-seals removal.

A lot of reactions and disbelieve.

Is this really true?

How come the masters have not done anything about this?

We are of the light, if we believe it’s not there, it is not there.

Once we go into the 5th dimension it will not be there anymore.

This is victim consciousness, and brings in fear.

We should not have to pay anyone to have these removed.

One person said she had ascended and was now integrating this so she wasn’t affected by it.

My experience of removing J-seals

I would like to give a bit more background information from what I have seen and experienced myself so far.

First of all most people are working on planetary ascension and from there we go onto cosmic ascension.

This used to be two separate things.  These days of faster and higher frequencies we can work on both.

Both of them require a certain light quotient that can be held full time inside our spiritual and physical bodies.

This can be done in several ways and with many activations and initiations.

Now planetary ascension is what happens before and while you are stepping into the 5th dimensional frequencies more and more. But we must not forget that every raise in frequency is an ascension.

Not many people on earth are working on their cosmic ascension. Everyone else is working on planetary ascension.

We have been able to raise the frequency on earth more we can work on both cosmic and planetary.

We do have to complete planetary before we can complete cosmic of course.


At this point in time, we have become more aware.

The higher the frequency we live in the more knowledge comes through the veil and we are receiving this.

The knowledge coming in though can be distorted.  It is coming through higher dimensions and some of it from outside this universe.

The J-seals are part of what is distorting this knowledge we receive.  We can see this in the bible and many of the other religions that are on earth at this time.

This is why we say that all religions carry part of the truth.

The distortion of energies that is being done by the J-seals goes all the way up to the 12th dimension.

This means you will have to be able to go into the 12th dimension and higher to receive knowledge that is not distorted.

Planetary Ascension

Planetary ascension takes you to the 5th dimension, so information is still distorted.

The J-seals will prevent you from going into these higher dimensions. But see how far you are able to progress.

Even the 11th dimension is affected and part of the 12th dimension is affected.

The J-seals will allow you to go into the higher dimensions, so yes you feel you have made progress.

You will feel better. But you will not be able to maintain full consciousness. Ffull consciousness is connected to source consciousness.  Which means you will have to be able to travel through all dimensions and all universes.

You are limited to 11 dimensions in this universe and most people even limit themselves to the 5th dimension.

For myself the removal of these J-seals opened me up to be able to view beyond our universe and all dimensions in this universe.

Now I have to admit that I have been working on cosmic ascension for a long time and my light quotient has been raised.

So the experience will be different for others.

The removal of Jehovian Seals or J-Seals

The removal of the J-seals is done through certain techniques of healing.  It would take you 18 months or more to complete the removal.

When I was shown how to remove my J-seals I did not know anything about these techniques and I still don’t.

The masters showed me and gave me advice on how to remove them in a fast and safe way.

It still took me several days to remove them but that was my learning experience to understand the process fully.

The unbelievers

Then we get to the ones that say, just ignore it and its not there. It’s the same thing as saying you have eyes to see.  But if you do not want to see, just close your eyes and ignore it.

That does not mean your eyes or the part you do not want to see is gone, it is all still there.

We can ignore all the information that has been coming in.  If we had done that we would not even know about the 5th dimension.

It does not have anything to do with victim consciousness as many people like to think.  We have gone through the part where we have realized somewhat we are living in a matrix controlled by others.

We have lived with a veil over our eyes. All the information coming in sharing this with us did not bring in the victim consciousness, it made us aware of what is really happening, it started lifting the veil.

Then we get to the people that say, we do not need to pay for anything.

What do we think about the 5th dimension, we all are hoping it will be without money.

So what if that happens, how are you going to get food and everything else.

There will be people that can build houses, people that grow food.

There will be an exchange, maybe not of money, but of energy.

The person that grows the food will give that to the person that builds his house.

It is not as simple as just saying, I will sent you some energy if you spend a couple of weeks working on building my house.

The removal is not a one day job

The removal  is not a one day job, the work starts a week before we even do the first removals.

I think this is what many people do not understand, everyone is willing to pay for their food, their house, their car.

But what about spiritual knowledge, classes that actually assist you on something even more important than the basic needs.

your spiritual needs.

Why do we think that everything has to come for free?

Or will be paid for by just sending some energy, which most people will not even do once they have received the class.

Being honest

Just being honest about this from my experience.

I have to buy food, have to pay rent, as do all teachers that are out there providing these classes.

I was just talking about this with someone and thinking about it some more.

The classes do not pay for all my bills.  But I do trust the universe will provide the money for me to pay all my bills.

So the money comes in from other places as well.

This all combined allows me to focus on the teachings completely without having to worry about when and how to pay my bills.

The universe is right by my side.

This took me some time to fully accept though and it was very hard for me to accept at times.

Understanding, Realizing

Until I realized, I work, many might not think of this as work.  But I use my energy to teach the classes.  And it is not just the classes, a lot of the work goes into making sure people can download the classes.

Receiving new information, typing it, posting it. Bringing out newsletters. This is more than a full-time job.

A lot of work and information comes in during the day, a lot comes in during the night.

And then in between there is the work on myself, which is mostly done while working on all this.

Now I love doing this work so no need to feel sorry for me.

I spend hours discussing the information I receive.  Go through it to make sure everything we receive is truth.

Making sure are not being misled in any way.

Questions and more questions

This involves a lot of questioning on the part of ourselves but also questioning the masters.

This is not just me; this is for all people out there that provide these services.

A lot of people also say trust your intuition.  This is a lot harder when something is preventing you from receiving the full information needed to make decisions.

And the money is a big issue for many at this time.

The only way to start trusting the universe is to make the step. Go through the process of waiting to see if the universe provides.

That is how it felt to me.

My experience, especially in the beginning, the universe does not provide on time.

I had many bills that were paid late and where I had to get extensions for my electric to make sure it would not be shut off.

Fully trusting the universe

This is of course part of the process where you learn to trust fully.

And it’s not that the universe just lets me sit on my butt and says don’t worry, it will be there.

I work for it as well.

The universe provides in many ways.  And I have learned to follow the guidance.  Guidance is giving me what to do to receive the full support of the universe in my life.

It is a process of learning and trusting the guidance. I questioned myself during this as well, thinking things like I must be completely nuts to think this will work.

My inner knowing took me in the right direction, not always, but I still got there.

These are some testimonials for our J-seal removals

Thank you so much for the skill and knowledge that you brought forward last night to move through these ancient blockages. I greatly appreciate your compassion, thoroughness and willingness to go the distance!

Thank you, thank you for the meditation! Emotional relief swept through me and I received beautiful crystal clear diamond light surrounding me, as I seemed to float higher and higher out of my confusion and grief. The energies have shifted significantly already and I plan to continue moving and breathing into the meditation. As you called in each being, my heart leaped at sudden recognition that has eluded me in the past. It as if aspects of myself are rejoining me now and I am strengthened, settling and receiving clarity.

I am sending my gratitude to you and for last night’s session. Very powerful! WOW!!

Dear Petra,

I want to thank you for taking your time to remove the rest of my J Seals in a special session. I feel so much better, no neck or jaw pain and I seem to have more energy running thru me which I feel on my face.

I plan to be on the call Sunday because I enjoy the meditation and the others on the call as well!

In gratitude

Hi Petra, thank you all so much for last night. That was a ‘biggie.’ I
feel different, lighter, and as though i can do ‘things’ that i have
yet to dis/uncover.

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