Rings of Fire

Awaken to Your Inner Self

Rings of Fire

fire clears your energies

We are at the beginning of a new world that is going to be opened as we move onto the mountain.

The beginning of a new way of thinking, full of creation, full of source, but especially fully connecting within to become source.

We start with the first step, going up the mountain.

Through meditation we will join the group for a camel ride onto a path that is rocky, but the camel knows the way and will guide you safely to the beginning of the path where we can start our journey through the Twelve Rings of Fire all the way to the top of the mountain. A journey of self discovery, self realization and becoming the creators of our universe.

The mountain represents the transitioning into the new world and you can read my experience below.

From here we will move onto the mountain and the Rings of Fire.

A group of Twelve Rings of Fire

This is a journey full of self exploration, but not just that as we work together as a group to assist in balancing the energies being released by Mother Earth.

We have started this work in the Holy land and the group energies are very important and I will share more about that later.

We can do so much more as a group as we are working multi-dimensionally on so many levels of energies we are also bringing in those multi-dimensional parts of ourself allowing ourself to become fully connected within once more.

The question at this time is not are you ready for this but are you willing to take this step and make the change happen now!

Are you going to make that step and take full responsibility for what you have done on earth in so many lifetimes and are you willing to work on the energies that you personally have released into the earth and now need to come out and be sent back into full source consciousness, full balance within you.

As Isis has asked me to write down my personal story of working on neutralizing and balancing the energies, I have to sit down for a bit and think.

It all started happening when we started the Holy Land workshop, I was hoping for many people, it turned out to be 6, including myself; we do have the balance of three men and three women though.

The work is amazing and I will ask if some of the participants are willing to write down some of their personal experience.

But mine first, I think it started with our sewer system not working, took us about half a day to get that fixed ourselves, but we didn’t really think about it.

One week after that, we are ready to get out and oops, a flat tire. It was at the end of the day and one tool didn’t work properly so we couldn’t really do it our self and we called someone to assist us, so it was fixed the next day.

Next week, water pressure gone, we have a well so that’s not good.

And we started thinking as we always share after the meditation, and it came to us that when their was an experience of air during the meditation, we had a flat tire. The spare tire needed air so we got the balance of no air and filled with air. Next week the energy felt more like water and guess what, we didn’t have any water.

Now we are thinking what is left, I guess earth and fire.

Now after thinking about that, talking about it, I remembered that we went to pick up two little ducklings and the lady told me she had set her stove on fire the day before. Thank god, no fire. Only earth left. Oh guess what, my little girl planted some flowers in a small garden and she surrounded the plants with rocks really pretty.

So we had all 4 of them done, we thought.

I am also reminded about a happened to me one night just before I fell asleep. I was in a room and the room was filling with water, and I think I can breath under water, but no, and I breath in the water and drown. Next moment the water is gone and sand appears, I breath in the sand in suffocate. I guess they thought I could handle one more so the room is being filled with fire and I breathe in the fire.

Now the first one, drowning scared me a bit, but after that it was something that I could just let happen to myself and knows that I would be fine.

Again all 4, water, earth, fire and air by breathing all of them.

One of the participants was having problems with her water as well, faucet in the kitchen was first, and then the water heater was not working anymore. As she later found out it actually had a small fire in there.

Then the happenings in Japan, water, fire, earth and air all 4 in one.

Now it doesn’t end there, after taking care of the two ducklings, we have them here in my office as they are only a couple of days old. One of the neighbor cats comes into my office, jumps in the box and takes one of the ducklings. No way to catch that cat of course, so only one duckling left.

We feel sorry for it so we go to the store and find two little chicks. The little duck, a female of only one week old, takes care of them like a mother but even so, one of them died that evening, the other one was found dead in the morning.

Now when it happened with the cat and the duck, I was really upset, as we had talked about our personal work, personal responsibility and the effect this can have on our personal life. I was sad, angry, but then remembered what one of the participants said, no matter what happens we should not let our self be influenced by it, we know it can happen, but we also know we need to do this work.

So I moved out of that anger and sadness really fast and focused again on what needs to be done.

Now that afternoon I went to lie down as I did feel tired. The moment I lay down I get this image of the cat with the duck by its throat. I decide I don’t want that so try and get up the mountain. No way I could get on it, until this lion appears. I knew right away what it wants and say you can take me just grab me by the throat. The lion says, no, you have to lay down on the ground first.

I lie down and feel myself changing into a lamb, the lion grabs me, but as the lion grabs me I feel myself as the lion and then they both become one.

I get up and have this long staff and go up the mountain.

Moving through the rings of fire, eleven of them, all the way to the top going faster and faster. When I reach the last ring I see the energy moving through and step through myself. On the other side I see more rings only this time the path is going down again.

I did notice that the rings up were solid and these are just energy.

When I reach the bottom of the mountain I see a straight path, made out of square stones. I walk on it until a monk comes toward me wearing a dark hooded robe. The moment I stand in front of him, I see he is not human, just a skeleton dressed with a robe. I still follow him and walk into this dark building, all black. The path is going down and down and finally we reach the core crystal of the earth and it’s completely dark. I ask myself if I need to do something but don’t get any guidance on that. So I am standing there, I have no clue how long, I might even have fallen asleep, but I am awake when suddenly a white door opens and I see another path. This time it’s not straight, but rounded and I hear children laughing and playing and know there are many people here and start walking as I feel a ceremony is planned and I need to help.

This is where I fell asleep and don’t remember anything else.

Two nights after that I cant sleep and see an image of a city, like a computer game and these little signs pop-up and I have to click them. The moment they are all gone new ones appear, and I know it is work that is needed within the city. I work on this all night, half awake, half asleep and am still working on it when I wake up in the morning.

Now the story ends well so far, as that we of course had to buy new chicks as my daughter now wanted three of them. She got to pick them out and they are living happily right now with the duck in my office.

The little duck is like a mother to them and they sleep together on top of the duck that is about twice the size of the chicks so we are just waiting for the next happening.

I know that no matter what I will get through and the work at this point is something that I have chosen to do no matter what.

We get life lessons every day and something that came up for me was self worth.

This is something we all deal with as I experienced again last week with the 11-3-11 call. As we have people donate and people are asking to come on for free. Now normally I have more people for free than donations, I do not have a problem with that. But this time something came up as one person was on the 11-2-11 call for free and asked again to be on this one for free.

Now this was something that did bother me and I did have to research for myself why. If this person wants to come on again, they know what the first call does and what it is worth. I only had one donation and already three people for free so one more wouldn’t really matter.

But still, why did it bother me. Then I was thinking about self-worth. I think I am worth it, and the meditation is definitely worth the $ 11.11.

This person is asking to come on for free for the second time so they know it’s worth it. Why do they not pay for it then. It is a small amount of money; they could have actually saved the money knowing that there was a month between the first call and this one.

Do they think they are worth that money themselves? Do they think they themselves are worthy enough to spend that money on themselves? I think I am worth it and so I decided not to email this person with the phone number.

Like everyone else I have to make decisions and feel worthy myself to even do this work. I also have to feel worthy enough to spend money on myself, so yes I actually did that and bought three new fish for my fish tank.

Three different colors, it wasn’t until I got home that I thought they are the color of the three fold flame, one pink, one blue, and one yellow. I still decided that I was worthy of that, even though I knew that we still have to pay our electric bill for last month.

Money is tight for all of us, but if I don’t make this decision for myself I cannot expect others to do it. The lessons keep on coming for all of us but every lesson brings us closer to our self and becoming out full source self, as I see it.

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