The land of Khem and the 360 senses

Awaken to Your Inner Self

The land of Khem and the 360 senses

Once I was Blind, Now I can See

A very old saying that came to mind when I was thinking about the 360 senses.

As a human we are blind, most of the time we can only see what is in the physical and the spiritual remains hidden from us. No matter how this happened and there are many stories about that, we now have the opportunity to See what is in the spiritual. Become aware of what is hidden from us, and has been hidden from us for so long.

We all have some sort of realization that this world we live upon is not our real world we normally live in.

We are spiritual beings, spirit beings, living in a physical reality that seems so real but is nothing but a place to learn how to be that spiritual, spirit being again.

We will activate the 360 senses and those parts of us that can see what is hidden.

As we have been working on the 5 senses on earth for so long, we discovered there were more, the 6th sense, 7th sense, but it still has not given us the complete overview of what is hidden outside and inside of us.

The saying is, as above so below, it is also what is outside of us, is inside of us.

As a being in spirit we become everything that is outside of us, as we expand as a being in spirit, we find everything within us as well.

We need to learn how to see, we need to remember how to see, we need to awaken fully and become fully aware of what we can see.

I know from being a channel, my vision as a channel was still limited, as I have awakened all 360 senses my vision is becoming more unlimited as I am able to see not just what happens on the physical but also on the spiritual through many dimensions, universes and more.

It allows me to see more of what is really happening, see beyond the veils of darkness and realize that what I see on the surface is not what is happening behind the surface.

In these 5 meditations we will activate all senses available to us as spirit beings, not just the senses we have has physical beings.

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