The Cosmic Cube, 144 and the moon

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The Cosmic Cube, 144 and the moon

the red rose is beautiful

This is three sets of 10 meditations for The Cosmic Cube, 144 and the moon

1-10, 11-20 and 21-30

I have been having a lot of 144 numbers and was wondering what this is all about as I was told through my guidance to start working on the cosmic cube. The cosmic cube is talked about in many different ways and is connected to the brain as well as all energy bodies. Something else that came up was the number 64 and this is my birth year so I always pay attention when I see that.

What I found interesting is that it also seems to be connected to the blue energies and this was important for me as that is where I first started when I became a teacher and channel for the ascension energies.

The cosmic cube is a gateway, but more than a gateway as it extend through our brain and in this way connects our physical body into the cosmic gate, some actually call it a landing pad as well.

Now the relationship to the moon is also very important I think as the moon reflects light and in this way is a combination or balancing intermediary for what we would call dark and light.

All this information was coming in during the full moon, and when researching the moon I found a website that was talking about a mini moon.

On this website the number 64 came around again as well as 2014 is 20 my birthdate and 14 well 144 is not that far away.

Just some fun stuff about a gate between dimensions.

As well as this, written by my ten year old just before I was even thinking about the connection to the moon

The moon is hated for speaking the truth. The moon shows its moods. The moon makes explosions, causes flames, converts with the sun. Darkness overrides everything. The moon is lonely.

The moon lights the earth, the moon causes solar powered darkness. The moon shines light over everyone, as it is life.

What’s up with the moon you ask? The moon is something that shines light above everyone. The moon has quality, the moon has feelings, without the respect, the world would be explosions and flames.

The moon causes explosions, darkness, flames, nature losses, the moon is the cause of something that converts with the sun. The moon shines light above everyone but grows darkness over noon.

The moon extends over the earth, lights the way for others, what it’s supposed to, but this time it shows darkness. Darkness falls over everyone. Darkness falls over your life, and controls your mind

This is why we are going to work on activating and integrating the cosmic cube in a way that will be supporting our capability and transformation of accessing knowledge but also part of our transformation into our ascended body.

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