Universal Resequencer Profiles

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Universal Resequencer Profiles

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A lot of the healing and enlightenment work is clearing out old patterns and bring in new ones.

Releasing the negative, fear-oriented beliefs, feelings, experiences, genetics, memories, etc. so that youcan live from a space of love, joy and mastery.

Three new crystalline templates to help people align with the Universal Heart.

The second one is to help you align with Universal Mind.

Last one is to align the genetics with the original Creator blueprints for the perfected DNA/Genetics for this world.

Universal Heart Resequencer Profile:  

When activated, I felt a not uncomfortable pressure in my heart chakra.

I was immersed in hues of green, and then other colors that I have no reference for.

Watched as streams of Light emanated from my heart outward and were met by streams of Light from the Universal Heart.

When these two streams joined, I was aware of my own heart regulating it’s beat to the Universal Heartbeat…a very timeless place indeed.

Within this timelessness, diamond codes appeared, and codes were being erased and new ones written.

Some were plugged into different places, different order.

I felt very intense physical sensations in my heart.

I understood this to be a clearing of that which had kept us from the Universal Heart.

Being reconnected brings us the help/knowing to take us to the 5th dimension and higher.

Universal Mind Resequencer Profile:  

Shot out of my body and into the Universal Mind. Then went back to my body.

The top of my head was opened and a pyramid shaped form (had 36-48 sides) was placed inside.

Then the resequencing began.  WOW.

A huge shaft of light connected with my crown chakra, and then opened up the higher chakras.

Clearing them of anything keeping me from REMEMBERING my connection/place in Universal Mind.

Then I saw and heard as each particle/form/code making up the blueprint of my mind was put in different order.

The tones were celestial ringing lines that resonated within me.

Changing the actual basis of my thoughts, aligning me with the pristine clearness of Universal Mind.   .

Universal Genetics Resequencer Profile:  

I felt as though I had been sucked into this vast tube.

Within this tube were all my ancestors – planetary, solar, galactic, universal, cosmic etc. on all levels of all dimensions.

I saw billions of lines connecting us all each of these lines being a ‘gene attribute’–love, hate, violence, service, ill health, anger you name it – it was there.

I saw that some of these attributes were engineered and alien to us.

A golden spiral appeared in the tube and swept all of up in its swirling dance of life.

Each movement along this spiral was both a release of unwanted attributes and an alignment with Christed genes.

The amazing thing is that this was happening on all my selves on all levels.

I was told that the golden spiral is ‘life’s decoder’, hence the reconfiguration.

Just a magical feeling inside of me, a very subtle movement of the fabric of life back to where it was meant to be.

How to Use the Universal Resequencer Profiles

The Universal Resequencer Profiles upgrade your energy fields to align them more deeply with Universal Heart, Universal Mind and the Creator DNA/Genetic Blueprints.

And as you embody these profiles, they become part of your background operating system.

Often they just operate in the background and come into play automatically when you work on yourself and others.

So they function a lot like software program upgrades do to the computer.

Once you are attuned to access and utilize them, you are able to do more things.

Everyone’s experience is different

The above descriptions are experiences from one person.

Each person is on their own path and they will have their own experience.

Universal Resequencer Profiles

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