Accelerated Ascension

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Accelerated Ascension

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These FIVE series for Accelerated Ascension  will get you where you need to be, physically, spiritually, and energetically to start the building of the Diamond Body for Ascension.

The first one is Accelerated Ascension.

With these meditations we will get you up to speed to the energy frequency within earth and beyond.

This is a set of meditations getting you aligned with the energies of the earth and the Heart within the earth beating as one with yours.

What this does is raise the frequency of the physical body to the level of the earth and assist you in integrating higher or deeper parts within you as we are now constantly moving into newer frequencies.

Last year there were certain openings or portals where the energies were being released

Now there will be less time between all these portals as we are moving faster within the time and no time zone.

We will be having one meditations a month, to align and adjust and integrate the energies each month as they are being released each day.

This will support the activating of DNA within all light bodies allowing for a faster, almost immediate integration within the physical body.

The second series is to align ourselves with the Cosmic Heart within Source.

In this series, we will open further the Cosmic Heart within you, allowing you to move further into your own being.

We will work on aligning the mind with the heart and allow them to work together in the most Divine way possible.

We will start with aligning through the Sun and from there we move further through the great central sun within our universe.

From there we will move into the universal, galactic and cosmic sun or Source within.

We are working from below and above as we connect to the Cosmic Heart of Earth as we are connected to the Cosmic Heart of Source.

The third series is following the path of Breadcrumbs within to activate all DNA.

In this series we will follow the path within to activate all DNA within through activation of light bodies and chakras.

All the way to the deepest part within you which is Source.

We will be clearing and repairing the DNA as we move further within.

And we will be activating the divine blueprint along the way up into the Cosmic Heart of Source within you.

This is a series of 12 meditations

The fourth series is activating the Adam Kadmon and anchoring it within the Heart Center within the physical body.

This is where we anchor all that we have done in the previous workshop and anchor it along the way back into the physical body upon earth.

This will anchor the Adam Kadmon body to the physical and spiritual heart center.

This is a series of 12 meditations

The fifth series is connecting with our Galactic Brothers and Sisters on every level.

There are many beings out there assisting us within each moment, and they want to connect to guide you even more.

We will be visiting their home planets to receive a greater understanding of their way of living and connect with them to find a greater understanding of ourselves as we see and feel their connection with us. As we are all one.

We will start with the Pleiades and from there we will be guided by the Masters and any group of beings that is out there and wants to connect with us.

Through these visits you will receive and experience many past lives and connections you have had on all planets within our universe. You will also be able to find more knowledge, power and abilities you had within those lifetimes upon other planets and bring them back with you as you become a more fully realized being within spirit within the human body upon earth.

You will find you have many more connections than you ever thought possible to each of these beings. For those who feel the connection to certain planets and races within our universe it will be an eye opener to see that you have been on many more planets than you remember at this time.

Ascension out of this physical reality

These are the ones we have so far to bring you up to speed as far as energies, frequencies and connection within, as well as activations of light bodies, DNA and more.

As we are getting closer to the final challenge of ascension out of this physical reality into a spiritual reality and out of the incarnation cycle upon earth, we will not be repeating most of these workshops as the energies and time available is going too fast and we will have to start activating the full crystalline energies within the physical body from where we move onto the diamond transformation of the physical body.

This is just the beginning of the ascension process, but it will take you to the crystalline frequencies within the entire physical body.

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