Ascension Activations for Cosmic Ascension

Awaken to Your Inner Self

Ascension Activations for Cosmic Ascension

you can see the top of the mountain

This is a series of Ascension Activations for Cosmic Ascension that will greatly assist you in your path toward ascension.

We are on our way to complete cosmic ascension in this life time and the masters and all the light being, and light groups out there are assisting us in as many ways possible to do this once and for all.

Many of what we do might seem similar but do not forget that we are cramping everything needed in one lifetime as it would normally be 30 to 40 or more life times.

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Ascension Activation 1:  Crystal Implant/Imprint Removal

Crystal implants were at one time physically implanted in your body to impose limitations upon you.  They now appear in the etheric body as imprints and may be keeping you from going forward in this lifetime.  We can remove these imprints (limitations), allowing you to do, see, and feel things you have previously been unable to do in this lifetime.  People describe an unshakable inner calm after they have had them removed.

Ascension Activation 2:  Soul Beliefs/Matrix Energy Patterns

We remove all negative beliefs, religious, cultural, societal, and family dogma from this lifetime and all lifetimes.  They appear like molecular structures above your head and create much confusion about what to believe and what is true.  After the molecular structures are broken down, individuals have experienced a sense of complete inner peace. (Part 1) Matrix Work is Part 2 of Level 2. A Matrix is an energy pattern. As we emerged from Source, we had one matrix in place, the Matrix of Self.  As we were born into different times in different incarnations, we picked up three additional matrices:  a female matrix (all the female influences we’ve ever been exposed), the male matrix (all the male influences we’ve been exposed to, and the polarity matrix (all the polarity – positive and negative – curses, hexes, etc.). Because of the addition of the male, female and polarity matrices, the Self Matrix has been unable to emerge.  The other three have overpowered the Self Matrix.  We remove the male, female and polarity matrices so the Self Matrix can strengthen – and the real “you” emerge.

Ascension Activation 3:  Soul Emergence Patterning

Soul as it emerged from Source (God) received a set of twelve symbols.  The symbols were unique to you and your purpose.  The symbols appear in your aura and have a function, vibrational rate, sound color and energy of their own.  Through many lifetimes, some of these symbols have become distorted, aberrated or missing.  We reconstruct and place the symbols back into your aura.  The word clarity is used quite often when describing this level of work.

Ascension Activation 4:  Multi-dimensional Portal Alignment

There are three portals associated with each individual (one on the physical body, one in the auric field and one on the outer edge of the auric field).  Each portal is assigned a Gatekeeper who is an Ascended Master.  These portals, when aligned, allow a person to become truly multi- (or inter-) dimensional.  This alignment takes a serious level of commitment because it opens up processes from other dimensions as well as the 3rd dimension or physical plane.  It is what is described as ascension while living on the physical plane.  The word completeness is used to describe this level.  It is like “coming home.”

This session is divided in 4 portals

Ascension Activation 5: Ascend through the Veil of Fear Surrounding the Earth Plane

There are five steps to level five. This phase is honoring yourself for all the work you have done in this lifetime, recommitting, reconnecting and releasing.   The steps are like levels of self-discovery and clearing on the deepest levels that you can imagine.  This Phase gives you more access to the other dimensions.

Ascension Activation 6:  Soul Monad

We all belong to esoteric families (soul families).  These are not the physical families we incarnated into in various lifetimes, but families of non-physical nature that we emerged from the God-Source with.  We clear all members of your soul family (monad), by doing Levels 1,2,3,4,5 on each member.  It clears your group consciousness on a soul level. You feel more connected – clear – in tune.

Ascension Activation 7:  Releasing Past Life Patterns, Accessing Past Life Knowledge

We have lived many lifetimes.  In each lifetime we had established many patterns.  These patterns have been stored in strands which make up a cable that remains attached to your soul between lifetimes and reconnects to your physical body when you incarnate.  This cable is about two inches in diameter and is attached to the sacrum.  The cable drills into the bone marrow and spinal fluid.  In the bone marrow it integrates into each red blood cell and is circulated through your entire body.  In the spinal fluid, it integrates into the neuropeptides in the spinal fluid, thus into the neurons of your nervous system and again circulating throughout the body.  We disconnect all these strands and reconnect the knowledge strands to the solar plexus area of the body.  This level is done absentee and is not dependent on the other levels.

Ascension Activation 8:  Aging – Going Into Immortality

This level is giving the individual the ability to become physically immortal in this lifetime.  Immortality means you have the ability to choose when you can “leave” the physical 3rd dimension. (It doesn’t mean you HAVE to be physical forever). In ages past, the people who were vibrationally ready achieved immortality through a series of tasks, using the chambers in the pyramids or the kivas of the indigenous people.  These tasks may have taken many lifetimes.  Immortality to us means that our soul comes to live in our physical body(ies).  (Bodies meaning, the physical, mental, emotional plus the spiritual).    Our bodies merge as one in this 3rd dimension, but isn’t limited to the third dimension.  Our bodies become multidimensional.  This level is not dependent on the other levels.

Ascension Activation 9:  Physical Clearing of Stored Memories: Uniting Body, Mind, and Spirit in the Physical

We have been working very hard to be spiritual (spirit) and increasing our intelligence (mind).  What we have not been doing is taking better care of the body.  So we have our spirit and mind operating at a higher vibration while our body is operating at a lower vibration.  Our body is carbon based and has stored many things in it over this lifetime.  In order for our bodies to vibrate at a higher rate (one to match the spirit and mind), these memories or traumas need to be cleared from the body.  Level nine is sweeping (defragging, scanning) the body, and clearing it from the memories, messages, traumas, etc. that have been stored in the physical body.  The goal is to get the body, mind (logic and emotion), and spirit to the same vibration (triple point).  It is as this point the body, mind and spirit can become light waves while still each keeping its own integrity.

Ascension Activation 10:  Veil of Forgotteness

We remove a veil that is made of a titanium-like substance which is woven or knotted together like a tapestry and blocks us from retrieving knowledge and information from our past lives.  Past, present and future is an illusion that we have lived in within the third dimension.  It is a linear timeframe of “All That Is” which was necessary to create the veil.  This veil can only exist in a linear timeframe.  Everything and all energy that has ever existed in our world had to be placed in a linear timeframe so it could be seen as finite.  All forms of energy by their very definition are truly infinite.  The transition of taking finite and going back into infinite is what takes place when this veil is removed.  When you tap into this energy, it is the energy which ties all things together.  It is the energy that connects all life together. What we are doing by lifting (removing) the Veil of Forgotteness is tying together the finite of this lifetime to the infinite of all your lifetimes.

Ascension Activation 11:  State of Oneness

The State of Oneness is a point where you have reached true balance; where you can be nonjudgmental, but yet compassionate; where you can model this behavior without saying a word. This work brings the lower vibration of the physical body up to the higher vibration of the higher self.  You are vibrating all together, all parts of you are “in sync,” that moment of pure bliss, of pure balance, that moment when all is well, all is peaceful.  The moment in your life when all you’re outer worlds of you have aligned with your inner worlds.  This is the state of oneness.

Ascension Activation 12:  Universal Chi, Harmony

Universal Chi is an energy that exists beyond the Veil of Fears.  This connection blends all like hearts together as one or in harmony with the All That Is.  In the past many have consistently seen themselves as separate from each other and alone.  There are even times when you are scared of your own shadow or afraid to go outdoors.  You may even bring in forms of phobias to support your feelings.  This is a major piece that we have been looking for but could not find because our physical bodies were too dense to receive this flow of energy.  As a result of this connection, you begin to change, for even as the divine discontent is squeezing the energy together and making those things that used to be comfortable, uncomfortable, it precipitates the change that is necessary for you to see yourselves as infinite or immortal beings.

Ascension Activation 13:  Veil of Illusion

Illusion is a form of veil that causes one to perceive the veil as true and accurate rather than the truth that is so behind the veil.  Over time Earth became layered with layers of illusion or non-truth.  The belief in anything by anyone is an example of a veil of illusion, for all beliefs are founded upon illusion.  When we came to Earth, our personal energy was not compatible with the magnetic energy and radioactive energy, our energy became distorted.  When there is a distortion in our energy field it could cause a foggy or cloudy area in our auric field.  The fog makes it difficult for anyone to see clearly through our own energy field.  The more dense the fog, the harder it is to see one’s truth.  We as seekers of truth, whose auric fields are so foggy that we would have no access to our truth as soul, the fog distorts whatever truth is present to such a degree that it ceases to be truth at all.  We can assist you in dismantling all fantasy realities that make up the Veil of Illusion.  You will then be able to see beyond the veil.

Ascension Activation 14:  Portal to Imagination Plane

Imagination is real!!! It is a bona fide level of being that does exist.  It is a buffer between the Limitation Plane and the other dimensions.  What has kept it hidden from you up to this time is your enthusiastic enjoyment of it, coated with your total denial of its tangible reality and importance.  Imagination is the layer of density closest to the conscious mind, which had direct interface with the other dimensions.  It serves as a “decompression chamber” through which each of us must pass in order to enter and exit the Etheric Plane. With all the other work we have developed, especially the last level, Veil of Illusion, it is so apparent that the principal mechanism of keeping us here in Limitation has been our belief in and perpetuation of a certain cynicism, which keeps our imagination in perspective and anchors us in reality.  We are anchored in Limitation. The Imagination Plane is an inner modem that can reconnect you with alternate existences, sub personalities, and inner landscapes that would have blown your mind if they were accessed too soon or by someone who had not integrated the energies that are represented there. WE are here to assist you in guiding you through the Portal to the Imagination Plane.

Ascension Activation 15:  Restoring the Vector Code

Our genetic material (DNA) is composed of 12 base-magnetic “female” base codes (mions) and 12 base-electrical “male” acceleration codes (dions).  Ideally, these mions and dions combine to form a potential of 12 vector codes (One Base Code + One Acceleration Code = 1 Vector Code); which eventually manifest as 12 base pairs.  Base pairs are the nucleotide building blocks that make up DNA.  However, since these magnetic and electrical components are attuned and affected by the earth’s vibrational grid, (this grid that has been distorted for a millennia) only four vector codes have been able to be active and thus our DNA consists of the four base pairs which we know today. Because the vibrational rate of the earth is changing, inactivated vector codes are ready to be activated.  Our DNA is stuck in the old distorted vibrational rate which allowed only four vector codes to be active. The reason that it is so important to get this repair work done now is because in the next few years the Earth is evolving and therefore every organism on the Earth must also evolve with it, because we are intimately connected.  The body and the planet are built in the same way.  So when the Earth ascends into a higher dimensional, less dense matter state, if you do not have a certain level of DNA activation and can tolerate the change in angular rotation of particle spin inside the atoms that make up your cells, you will not make the transition.

Ascension Activation 16: Awakening of the Veritable Self

We have the ability to restore and create an undestroyable connection that starts at first chakra (base of the spine), flowing through all the chakras.  This connection is between the rising of pure motivation and the spontaneous expression of integrity in action that means that at the deepest level of the individual has become aligned with the egoless passion of the veritable self.  Your human life becomes a clear reflection of that dynamic wholeness that created and is still creating the whole universe. Again going from egocentric self to neutral self to veritable self.

Ascension Activation 17:  Reconnection to Your Home Star System

In searching for our roots (so to speak), we have, in the past, studied and visited sacred sites, studied and visited  sites of different vibrations, made pilgrimages to other countries to study the religions and artifacts of those countries, read, studied and even some have written many, many books  — but yet, we still “long” for our roots (home).  Places like the pyramids of Egypt, the pyramids of South America, the Ancient civilizations such as the Anasazi of Chaco Canyon, the Incas of Machu Picchu…  we know we may have been there, but none “feel” right.  We gaze into the sky, to the heavens and wonder… “Is that my home?”…  We have been told… “you are from the Pleiades” another will say, “you are from Sirius”. Another yet will say, “you are from Andromeda or Orion”… on and on and on and on.  You wonder from which galaxy, which constellation, which planet… you might call home…  Nothing quite feels right, but through the years because you have no other choices… actually didn’t know you had other choices… you start believing that one of the above or something else is home.  You try to connect… but somehow, nothing feels quite right.

Ascension Activation 18:  Keys to the Energy Gateways

The most recent energy shift that have been taking place have torn away the last veils so we can more clearly see what has been hidden from us.  All around us, no matter where you live, exists energy gateways to new life and experiences.  There are gateways that are visible and some are located in  your physical body.  These gateways are real and do exist.  Some gateways exist as specific places.  You can be transformed by simply visiting these places.  Other gateways require energetic passwords or vibratory signatures, which is the key to open the gateway.  As your vibration increases more gateways will be available to you.  When you are vibrationally ready for these gateways, you will need an etheric guide to sponsor you so the unconscious or unprepared cannot enter them unaware.  This is for your own safety.

Ascension Activation 19:  Shadow Self – What We Keep Hidden

The shadow self is neither good nor bad, but it has a density that we need to clear out.  It is a way of liberating yourself from conscious or unconscious bias that we have been carrying for a long time.  In a way it allows you to leap outside your fixated self to fully embrace your new entire self, this is who you truly are. Make the commitment to yourself to direct your vision inward, not just to your spirit, but also to the temple that carries it. The wisdom of the universe lies within your cells, and the keys to your own happiness within your body. Making energetic contact with your physical body will help you to unlock the secrets of the emotional and spiritual self. Some people have referred to the shadow self as a reflection of the dark wall of Karma that separates you from knowing yourself as light.  It is a reflection, a dark mirror of Karma. Keep in mind here that dark doesn’t mean bad or evil… it just means hidden.  We feel the best way to understand this is in Shamanic terms, by introducing you to your personal…Portal Guardian to the Shadow Self who will lead you through the portal into your Shadow Self.

Ascension Activation 20:  Reuniting of Soul and Spirit to “One”

The division of the conscious and unconscious mind in our opinion could actually be called a disease that has made us into divided beings and our world a divided world.  The division that has been taking place has ruled us.  It has made us collectively and individually insane, possessed of two alienated minds that seldom agree with one another.  One side of our mind rules the day, while the other side the night.  One side predominates among artists, mystics, women, and the other among scientists, business people, and men.  This war within our soul is reflected in our endless history of political warfare, and it is clear that mankind will never know peace on this planet until our inner conflict is finally and fully resolved, for the one is father to the other.  This separation process at death has been going on for thousands of years however there was a time that the conscious and unconscious mind did not separate at death.  As a new lifetime began, it retained all knowledge and skills from the previous lifetime.  Our work on this level is to integrate the conscious mind with the unconscious, reducing our polarity, increasing our ability to remain in a neutral state.

Ascension Activation 21: Alpha Veil the Beginning Aspect of all Veils

The Alpha Veil moves throughout and around your physical body in a serpentine fashion depositing seeds of resistance that you will eventually need to deal with.  If you are very vulnerable, this veil can actually attach itself to one or more of your major or minor energy centers (chakras).  When this happens, it will feel like you are stuck and you will know it.  If you allowed yourself to remain there, you will find yourself getting angry and irritable just by being around other people.

You can compare this veil to the origin of sin.  We all have heard the story of Adam and Eve, the Biblical history of what took place and the progression unto this day.  There have been many interpretations of that history.  We each carry within our auric field the actual accounting of how those times transpired.  What would happen if the source to the original sin was removed?  We should have better access to the energy known as God/Source consciousness. This veil remains elusive and is in a constant state of movement around your body depositing anger issues, ego issues, pain, in other words, it messes with our body, mind, and spirit all the time.

As this veil is removed, you will realize that there is truly one God/Source, one unified consciousness.  You awaken to a new “YOU”, and a new bliss and peace that remains at a distance until you come back to center.

Ascension Activation 24: Portal to Spiritual Purpose

At conception, we received from our parents two different bloodlines certain matched and paired recessive genes. These genes hold light codes that give us the highest opportunity for accessing and developing our Spiritual abilities and for healing the damaged and wounded aspects of our Soul. A source code is needed to access this portal. As we lead you through this portal, we will introduce you to your Multi-dimensional Mentor (M2).  M2 is a guide that will lead you through the maze that was created to block you from this important part of your life’s experience.

As all the pieces come together we create a connection between our human genetic coding that gives us access to more and more information.  This is the awareness and understanding of who we truly are.  Having access to the Portal to Spiritual Purpose provides us with the information we have been looking for.  It helps fill a void or longing and helps answer the question, “What is our reason for being here, what is our purpose?”

Are you ready to walk through the Portal of Spiritual Purpose? We will open the portal to your spiritual purpose using the source code which will give you access to your Multi-dimensional Mentor (M2) that will lead you through the maze so you can discover your spiritual purpose for this dimension and other dimensions as you become aware of them.

Ascension Activation 25: Interior Seed

You have been on your spiritual journey for a long time.  If someone were to ask you what you believed in, what would you say?  It is time for you to figure out or to better define how you believe. The interior seed contains patterns, releases the issues we have been working on– we deal with the patterns and issues, and it starts all over again.  The interior seed carries these patterns from one lifetime to the next acquiring more patterns from each lifetime. It is from this flow of patterns that keeps on hibernating, comes out of hibernation to issue more patterns and remains alive.

We were raised without the knowledge of being with different races cultures and religions.  When we were placed in an environment where many cultures and beliefs systems came together, all you had were the stories that had been told about a culture or race but were not necessarily true.  When anger has become a collective, when fear has become a collective fear, it is extremely dangerous for our nation and for the world.  That is why we should practice not only as individuals but also as communities, and as nations.  Just think of the possibilities.  It all starts with the removal of the interior seed.

Ascension Activation 26: Opening Your Personal Amalgam Portal

So, this level is like a primer for time travel within dimension we live now. You will be provided comprehensive details as to how to time travel into the future and into the past within the reality you reside.  We are not going to say this is easy because it takes a lot of practice on your part, as it did for us. To begin with, you will travel using your essence. As you become more adept you will take more and more of yourself with you.

We kept asking and the answer that we kept getting was “Now is the time.” If you have done any research on this topic at all, you will come across many vocabulary terms that deal with time and other dimensions. We have been receiving glimpses into other times and places for many years. To begin with, the only time that exists is the present moment. You have learned to remain centered, grounded and in balance through many difficult situations without going into fear, anger, judgment or ego in the past.  Your energy needs to be open and flowing without restrictions. (Levels 20 and 24 are suggested before having this Level work done.)

Ascension Activation 27: Phoenix Rising, From Out of the Ashes

Many times we find ourselves facing a problem, we react to the problem, find a solution to the problem and fix it. (For example, 911, Katrina, San Francisco earth quake, etc.) With the collapse of the financial market, we often get sucked in to the group energy and get scared.  The energy of lack and not surviving the great depression of the 1930’s has been passed down to you. This is just one example of many patterns that have been passed down to you.

How you react to situations has been established and ingrained in you from birth.  Many times people have learned their reaction techniques from their parents, family members, close friends and teachers.  How you react to a situation may be the same way your great, great grandfather physically reacted to that same situation.  These reactionary physical patterns are no longer relevant and are hindering your ability to remain neutral, centered and grounded which enables your decision making process.

The amygdala (uh-mig-dah-la) is the brain’s center for the emotion and memory of fear..We need to vibrationally change the amygdala; you will want all the old patterns that are no longer relevant removed, we will provide you with a series of physical and meditative exercises to remove them.

Ascension Activation 28: Filling the Void of Loneliness

We have had problems hooking up to the internet for the past few months and it has been getting slower and slower.  It got to a point that we could not get the internet or if we did get on and tried to send an e-mail, the e-mail would be lost somewhere in cyberspace not delivered.  Isn’t it interesting how our outside life gives us clues as to what is going on internally?

Our personal energy has been changing for a period of time and we have written about our physical bodies being rewired to handle the flow of energy more efficiently.  We are now ready, for lack of a better term, to upgrade our modem and to activate our own personal Ethernet card.  This is not an actual card but a minor chakra that has been waiting for us to achieve the proper level of vibration to be used.  When this is hooked up properly, you will have high speed access to a global network.

Have you ever felt alone, even if you are in a crowd?  This level of work will help fill the void of loneliness and give you a better sense of community.  You will be more connected to everything in a whole new way.

Ascension Activation 29: Entering the Field of Cognitive Awareness

Many people have been talking about ascension and the physical Earth changing into other dimensions or a parallel universe. The higher dimensions are right around the corner.  By way of distance we are not closer today than we were yesterday or the year before, because dimensions are not separated by distance. The density of all things and beings can be measured, but humanity has not yet discovered how to influence, and therefore alter its own density in order to benefit itself and its future.

Think of all the work you have done up until this point.  Are there any issues that keep coming up for you to address?  How do you deal with issues when they come up?  What emotion are you feeling?  Can you remain neutral and centered so you can deal with the current issue or problem?  How do we escape the negative, imprisoning forces that continue to confine us and the human spirit?  What needs to be done in order for us to break free from these re-occurring patterns?

With each level of work comes a deeper level of processing.  With this level of work coming through this time of year can assist you in releasing very old emotional relationship issues that stemmed from your family of origin.  You will finally be free of some very deep psychological pain and issues that seem to have been stored deep in the marrow of your bones.   When you process this level, do not hold anything back as we may have been forced to do in our formative years.  Allow these things to finally be released in any way your body can do this.

Ascension Activation 30: Essence Retrieval and Restoration

It is said by many to be in immediate contact with the physical body, to sustain it and connect it with the higher bodies. The physical body is kept alive and structured by the ethereal body. The ethereal body is often seen as a separate body, but it is actually a template, a matrix for the physical body. The physical atoms, molecules and cells arrange themselves according to the structure of the ethereal body. The ethereal matrix looks like a web of energy lines, like light fibers which attract physical matter and arrange it into a physical body.

Although the physical body can lose parts or can be deformed during the course of a lifetime, the ethereal body should always remain the same. The only change that can happen to the ethereal body is constriction on the energy flow through its fibers (also called nadis). This will result in ailments and diseases in the physical body.

This work is much like soul retrieval BUT this is not soul retrieval.  In soul retrieval, we journey to find all parts of the missing soul from all lifetimes, all eras until all parts are placed back together. Essence retrieval is just this lifetime and is the energy field just an inch or two away from our physical body and vibrates with the lowest frequencies. Again, the ethereal body is concerned with our physical state of well-being.  It becomes vulnerable when we give away parts of ourselves, have it stolen, or just lose it through daily living experiences.  We retrieve all parts of the essence and restore them to the way it was originally at birth and will give you exercises so you can keep it intact.

Ascension Activation 31: Merging pleroma with the Physical

We, while on Earth in physical form, are the lowest vibration of light.  As our bodies have become more crystalline, we have developed the ability to channel more and more light or a higher vibration.  Our energy field has been expanding and becoming clearer and clearer as we have worked through our issues.  We are to the point that we can remain physical and step into the next realm of light.

Gnosis is the Light Within (different from pleroma). pleroma means fullness and is the region of light above the world, the heavens. Some have defined this word as signifying the divine world or Universal Soul. pleroma is a realm of pure light and the home of all the Gods.

Our human task is to respond to the innate prompting of our nature to grow into our full potential as differentiated individuals yet at the same time to live with the deepest awareness of our Oneness with the divine ground of the pleroma (holiness within). It is now time to be initiated into the next level of light… the pleroma.  This means the physical merging into the pleroma (or Universal Light)… Are you ready?  We came from the Light (pleroma), and became physical (separated from the light), we die (return to the light), up until this lifetime.  We can now merge the physical with the light. Yea!!!

Ascension Activation 32: The Creative Conscious Authentic Self

In Level 31, we merged pleroma with the physical. Level 32: The Creative Conscious Authentic Self is the next vibrational level of light. This is a place where we can now look into a mirror and beyond to discover the new YOU, a multidimensionalized being of energy and light.  We create a bridge or passageway to this dimension.  We are given a complicated series of adjustments that have to done in a specific or that is unique to each individual.

As a result of this level, the awareness of our Creative Conscious Authentic Self broadens our world, increases our vision, unlocks the doors to our fullest potential and further opens us to possibilities we never thought of or imagined.  We are becoming aware of the many forces at work in our lives – both seen and unseen.  We acknowledge these forces and strive to understand them, find our place among them and work with them, not against them.  Once we accomplish and further integrate this level, we know we will have a deeper appreciation and awareness of the world, universe and the events that continue to unfold on a daily basis.  We have been able to discover and embrace your Creative Conscious Authentic Self. When we looked into the mirror, we could see our true essence.

Ascension Activation 33: Plenum Consciousness

There are many grids that exist; many individuals, groups, societies and civilizations have tapped into many of these grids. (an example of this is the 9/11 energy grid which incidentally still exists – it is a heavy, fear-based, mournful grid or the grid that was just tapped into with the death of Michael Jackson – you know the one that shouts “freak” or “god-like”, literally millions of folks from all over the world are tapped into this grid right now).  Our job for this level is to connect you to the correct grid and disconnect you from grids that no longer serve you. This level again takes both of our energy to weed through the millions of webs, a whole new concept of Spiderman and Spiderwoman… You will be permanently connected into the Plenum Consciousness grid of likeminded individuals.  This doesn’t mean you will never go into the lower vibrational “group” energy, it just means that you may choose to visit for some reason and then have the ability to immediately leave.  You all are trailblazers in this lifetime, you chose to be.  Many will follow, but you chose to lead.  The group energies that have influenced you in the past will change.  You will have much more support from higher beings than ever before; they will be able to assist you easier. With all that is going on, the sooner you do this level the better it will be for those that are just awakening to this process.  C

Ascension Activation 34: New Intuition

Intuition is a form of cognition in which many variables are rapidly evaluated to yield a fast decision.  Typically we are unaware of the logical steps or assumptions underlying the process although intuition is based on experience-based probabilistic models.  We experience the intuitive process at a visceral level.  Intuitive decision-making enables us to react quickly in situations that involve a high degree of uncertainty which commonly involve social interactions.  Frequently we do not have the luxury of sufficient time to perform deliberative cost-benefit analyses to determine the most appropriate course of action, but instead must rely on rapid intuitive judgments.

Our intuition’s language is feelings, which has to travel up to the brain to be interpreted and translated into language.  If the “gut” feelings (or intuition) comes at a time that we are operating at a high vibration, then, it could be unreliable… Notice the word could, it isn’t always off… sometimes correct, sometimes wrong.  It is like having faulty wiring that sometimes works and sometimes gives off sparks and gives you shocks, etc.  We also know we all have guardians for our intuition (explained and pictured above)… the guardians protect our intuition as we go through vibrational changes.

Now, we need to upgrade our system so when we get the gut feelings above the grid, we have the ability to interpret the information with accuracy.  This level involves not only an upgrade, rewiring  and a reconfiguration of your system, it also requires a rebooting of your system along with other mumbo jumbo and magical things that we have been shown how to do at this time.  It isn’t necessarily a long drawn out process but an extremely intense, complicated alteration.

Ascension Activation 35: Quantum Cellular Shift

We have lived many lifetimes.  In the past we have gained access to knowledge and information that is useful to us in this lifetime.  It has been difficult for us to comprehend and understand and put into practice.  What we have been able to retrieve and implement has worked well for us.  What we are going to talk about is not “Past Life Regression.” What we didn’t know is that our DNA was also stored in the Akashic records.  Each past-life has a different DNA because you have had different parents for every lifetime. You have different genetics. With this level, we show you the door to quantum cellular shift and you will have access to information that is unbelievable.  You must go to the Akashic records to a lifetime when your DNA was pure and bring it forward to this lifetime and integrate the pure DNA.  It takes both our energies in partnership to stabilize your body, mind and spirit and raise to a very specific resonance.  This resonance is a particular tone that is specific to you and found on your souls blueprint.  At that millisecond, we permanently open the electromagnetic shutter.  This is so you will have easy access to the Akashic records in the future.

Ascension Activation 36: Changing Negative Universal / Multi-Universal Beliefs

Our Beliefs are the base from which we apply the Universal Belief Systems (established throughout our years on Earth), which are the major detriments in creating every aspect of our lives.  Our beliefs are also the filters through which we screen all that comes to us as well as all that we think, say, and do.  Beliefs are the basics of our consciousness.  If we are going to transform our consciousness, we need to change our beliefs. They are totally ingrained in our physical bodies.  You can’t remove them or change these universal beliefs through prayer, positive affirmations, zapping, writing them down and burning them, etc. Your core belief systems are dense and solid and difficult to alter.

The ascension process represents the pathway and order through which our human consciousness evolves through a multi-dimensional system, such as our Universe.  In terms of the planetary ascension (Earth to New Earth), this process involves the transmutation of matter to move into progressively less dense states by evolving from the lower dimensional frequency bands of existence into higher dimensional frequency bands. Once we alter/change these universal core beliefs (and a few other universal core beliefs) for you, then you can get to the rest of your this lifetime physical core beliefs which will be easier for you to address. You can rewrite the personal core beliefs that you might be having trouble with.

How do you change your beliefs afterwards? What we tell people is to pay attention to how you react to situations that are being presented to you.  What emotion is being triggered?  Also your subconscious mind is sending out signals to the universe as to what issues you need to deal with.  You need to consciously be aware that these issues are being sent to you for a reason and they will continue to come at you until you have learned and dealt with the issue(s).  Step One: Find the message the experience has for you.  Step Two:  Find the feeling.  Step Three:  Bring love to it.  You can figure out what your core beliefs are in your life and applying the power of love to it, for “love transforms.”

Level 37: Disambiguation Center Point of  Energy

What we have discovered is that there is a point in our energy field that dictates how we feel, perceive and behave in our daily life.  This location dictates and gives directions to an individual if that point is centered and balanced within that individual.  Traumatic events and emotional upsets can dislodge this center point of energy.  With this center point off-center, you may have experienced any number of disturbances in your psychological or physical health depending on the degree of displacement. Common signs of misalignment are: anxiety, depression, panic, exhaustion, apathy, mood swings, chronic fatigue, chronic stress, introversion, scattered, unable to ground, unable to focus, unable to complete a task whatever it is (simple or complex) or any kind of illness.  Also, when this point is off center, you may not receive or translate information you receive from your guides and/or higher self (your intuition)..

By repositioning the Disambiguation Center Point, you will gain a more centered life view which creates the potential for you to live with a more sense of purpose and direction if you choose to.

Level 38: The Seeker Becomes the Seer

It seems that we are all playing the role of a guide or teacher to the people that come into our lives.  As we have progressed through the various levels of our work we all have learned to channel more and more energy. Some seers have looked at our auric field and have seen a number of layers to this luminous energy field (emanations).

There are many bands or layers inside the auric field and not all the bands of awareness are active at this time.  As we proceed on our quest for learning, more bands of the unknown  will be activated and our auric field will glow brighter and brighter. We need to master the art of handling awareness. When you are in states of heightened awareness, you feel complete; nothing will be missing from your physical beingness.

This level of work involves assisting you in quieting the mind which will help you develop your power of concentration. We are treading on the ground very cautiously with this level.  We (Loren and Diane) will be connecting these layers upon layers of emanations in your auric field. This level is a very intense and time consuming on our part.  We can only work on one individual at a time and this will take a number of evenings to complete over a period of weeks.  There is a readiness factor on the part of the individual which will be described in the assignment section of this level.  You must have done Level 37 in order to do this level.

Level 39: Quixotic Quest

A barrier exists that prevents us from bringing memories from other dimensions or alternate universes or from going to these “places” at our will.  So many of our “visitations” happen at present by chance with little or no control. The barriers while in place can cause nightmares or night terrors.  This barrier has an appearance and acts like it is psychological. Our society has poopood information that one receives in an altered state and most individuals in our greater society place no value on any information they cannot see, feel, hear, taste, etc.  These are the barriers that we (Loren and Diane) remove so you don’t have obstacles to overcome.  This will assist you in gaining more control and help you pay attention to the information you are getting.

Level 40: Connect to the new Source Energy

A number of years ago we had the opportunity to go to Uruguay.  Diane and I were staying on a ranch that was located a few hours from Punta Del Este.  The reason I am bringing this up at this time is to refer to one of Diane’s latest blogs about, “The Good Old Days, Were They? Living in the NOW.”   This ranch or Estonia, although modern in many ways did not have electricity from a large power plant.  They had a huge generator that was turned on at a certain time in the morning and turned off at a certain time in the evening.  Do you know how dark it can get in a geographical area that has absolutely no electricity? All you see is miles and miles of darkness after the sun goes down.  You step outside at night and look around and your only source of light (non-manufactured) light is your solar system.

Level 41: Point of Intent

Many people perceive exclusively with their eyes.  Your perception, as we continue to say, is so much more complex than that.  As you open your perception to other possibilities of awareness, many of you are quite careless; you may think that all you perceive is simply average sensory perception.  How many of you had a sense of anxiety around the times of the earthquakes in Haiti, Chile, or off the coast of Oregon.  Energy of a geographical area could also change as the result of politics, local government procedures, or physical changes happening to the earth.

All animals can detect changes of energy in an area, in their surroundings, areas with special levels of energy.  As you become more in tune with your surroundings, you can also sense areas of Earth that can assist you in rejuvenating your physical energy.  These sites are usually found in nature.  When you find these areas and open every cell of your body to take in this flow of energy, you in turn can expand your area of perception to sense the areas around you…

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