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Awaken to Your Inner Self

the pink rose

Universal Resequencer Profiles

A lot of the healing and enlightenment work is clearing out old patterns and bring in new ones. Releasing the negative, fear-oriented beliefs, feelings, experiences, genetics, memories, etc. so that youcan live from a space of love, joy and mastery. Three new crystalline templates to help people align with the Universal Heart. The second one…
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see who you are

Sun Gazing, eat less, heal yourself and more

A friend of mine brought Sun Gazing, eat less, heal yourself and more to my attention this week. And since we are working on so many things but a lot of times forget the physical body. This is a way to allow the physical body to catch up faster to all the energy work we…
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you have a clear view of who you are

Holy Spirit Shekinah Healing and Activations

Holy Spirit Shekinah Healing and Activations. Gifts for you from the Divine Creator that will heal you. Infuse you with divine qualities and empower your divinity with the Creator of all Creators. Soar  into the heavens and brings these gifts down here to earth where they are most needed. Let yourself be guided into the…
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Forgiveness and Cosmic Healing

Forgiveness and Cosmic Healing is a very powerful series of forgiveness and healing; these are clearing of all that is not needed. Many think we need lifetimes to clear, but it can be done very simple through the guided meditations in this series. You can do them all or just pick the ones you think…
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You are the light

As seen in the Sedona Journal the Blue Light Star System

Blue Light Star System, 7th dimensional healing can be used the same way as the Reiki energy. It is a faster way to release negative energies that are still blocking your body from really entering into the new frequencies. You can work on the emotional, physical and spiritual. This can take people that are still…
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you just are

Arcturian Light Infusion Technology

Arcturian Light Infusion Technology. You can use these meditations to ask for specific healings with the Arcturians “Light Infusion Technology” Arcturian Advanced Light Computers will very precisely infuse that particular and specific area of the physical body you requested with Light! It really works and is an invaluable tool in your healing tool kit! Try…
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you are the flower

Adversary Proofing Your Energetic Spaces

Most of us have the pattern where we will grow a lot and then stuff would get stirred up (often with the help of the adversary). It would explode on us and we would have to take some steps backwards to clear the area before we could take another leap forward. In a lot of…
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feel the energy of nature

Activations with the Kabbalah Your Blueprint to Source

Activations with the Kabbalah and your Blueprint to Source. Within each and every one of you is a blueprint. This blueprint contains the knowledge and mysteries of this cosmos as well as your spiritual plan with the Creator. Your spiritual plan is the map you and your Monad work from. The Map contains the lessons…
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