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Awaken to Your Inner Self

you are the rock

Questions J-Seal, Jehovian Seal removal

What are seals? You all know about the 7 seals in the bible, they are not the 7 Jehovian seals within the physical body. The 7 seals and you can read the passages that are described within the bible are metaphors for what these seals represent. The first six seals have been opened and the…
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you are standing in the water

Personal connections, energy connections and more.

I get a lot of comments from people on my YouTube channel and some other places. Why use a different voice, why not put a picture up of myself and so on? So let me tell you the reason. I do not like it when people connect to my energy. They can do this through…
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the white rose

What is a Lightworker?

Lightworker is sort of a catch all word for anyone on the spiritual path. Many will say they are people who feel a need for healing, being compassionate, loving and a need to assist others. Having been a channel for the Ascended Masters of over 20 years and being on the path of spiritual awakening…
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You are the light

Jehovian Seal, J-Seal Removal Training

J-Seal, Jehovian Seal Removal Training is something many have asked me for. I have been doing J-Seal, Jehovian Seal removal for more then 15 years. I get a lot of emails from people asking me if I do J-seal removal training. Most of them get a J-Seal removal and want to learn how to do…
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a drop in the water

Understanding Cosmic Ascension

Understanding Cosmic Ascension, Ascension is simply raising your frequencies. The ascension is not just happening with all humans, we in spirit ascend as well. The only difference we have is that we do not have a physical body. To many of us here in spirit ascension means expansion as well. When we all came from…
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many paths to follow

Afraid of Cosmic Ascension

Many are afraid of Cosmic Ascension and that they will have to leave behind loved ones if they choose Cosmic Ascension. No, you don’t have to leave behind loved ones, once you ascend you will be able to move through all dimensions in a lightbody.  This way you will be able to stay with your…
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The Path, and the importance of clearings

After watching the series “The Path” on Hulu I realized The Path, and the importance of clearings. I see how many are looking for in reality a way out of this earth reality. I also understand more about why giving strict guidelines is not going to work. Each person has their own way, beliefs, and…
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the path is clear

Ascension Planetary and Cosmic symptoms

Ascension Planetary and Cosmic and symptoms, they are two different types of ascension and symptoms. Planetary Ascension is a raise in frequency where all chakras within the body have been cleared and it is time to bring in chakra 8 through 12. This will complete the Planetary ascension as many have worked on the Planetary…
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