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Awaken to Your Inner Self

waterfalls, following the flow of enegy

Unplugging from the 3D Matrix Holograms

Unplugging from the 3D Matrix Holograms. In order to build a new foundation.  Each of us must untangle ourselves from the mental/mind paradigm and unplug from the third dimensional matrix and web of mass/duality consciousness. Each set of these powerful mastery activations help liberate us.  From being tied into the prevailing mass/duality consciousness of humanity…
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you are as bright as the stars

REBOOT of our BIO-ENERGETIC COMPUTERS, return Original Programming

REBOOT of our BIO-ENERGETIC COMPUTERS. Restoration of our original programming from the time we came from source.  When we were created in Source. Our physical human body and light bodies have gone through many manipulations and adjustments over millions of years. In us we hold the entire history of adjustments and manipulations that were made…
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the dark is part of the light

Are you Ready to Take the Red Pill?

Are you Ready to Take the Red Pill? Most of us have seen this movie and most of us would choose the red pill, but how do we get our hands on the red pill? This is your chance! Together with the Masters we have set up a set of meditations where you can choose…
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see the light

Planetary Abundance Grid alignment

Planetary Abundance Grid alignment is something we can do at this time. To receive abundance in every part of our life, physically and spiritually. The light that carries you beyond your imagination is ever present within your coding. And this has been there since the beginning of time. There have been experiences you may have…
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see who you are

Abundance, Prosperity and Success

Abundance, Prosperity and Success can be seen in so many ways. And I have come to realize that it is not the money that is making me happy. It is the fact that the universe is supporting me.  Allowing me to release this attachment to money. And to many other things that seem so important…
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the path is there

Can we really unplug from the Matrix we live in?

Can we really unplug from the Matrix we live in? This is one of the biggest questions we have.  We find more information as to how this reality upon earth is in fact controlling our way of living and even thinking at times. I have tried to go back into space and time to find…
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