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Awaken to Your Inner Self

the pink rose

Angelic Mastery Codes I and II

Angelic Mastery I and II: “We welcome you to reclaim and utilize the gifts, power and mastery of your friends here in the high angelic  realms of love and light. Allow us to guide you, assist you, and hold the torch to light your most blessed and sacred path with the Creator. Together we can…
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Aligning with Source Mastery Activations

This Mastery set, will align ones’ being to the higher levels of the SOURCE/GOD frequency. Throughout ones’ evolution, more and more alignments to the higher GOD frequencies become available from the cosmos and ones’ soul, propelling one to new levels of mastery and realization of their SOURCE/GOD presence. Central Channel Clearing and Alignment with God/Source…
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nature is perfect

Melchizedek Robes of Mastery

“In your hearts and minds there is a faint glimmer from the past of times you have trained in my mystery schools and learned of the ways of ascension and mastery through my channeled teachings. All who are drawn to these robes have worked with me before and it is time to remember and bring…
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you shine bright

Mystery school of Thoth, temple initiations

Teachings in the temples of Thoth, initiations into the mystery school of Thoth. “It is time for me to share with you the mysteries of the cosmos and how to master them as a co-creator with GOD. I will provide you with the necessary initiations to raise you to the vibratory levels necessary to receive…
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Melchizedek Empowering Mastery Codes

Energy Healing Melchizedek Empowering Mastery Codes are Attunements, which are practically the same as Reiki Attunements. The only difference is that Reiki Initiations of all kind are complete pre-arranged energy packages. While energy healing codes are specific sequences or codes that are individually created by Higher Beings. Such as Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters, Holy Spirit,…
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You are the light

Goddess Mastery Activations

The Goddess Mastery Activations are forgotten gifts of the ways of the feminine, of the Goddess, and of Creation. It is time in this planets’ evolution to reclaim the power of the feminine. In order to create balance and healing for this planet and her blessed creatures. For far too long this planet has been…
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roses are perfection

Divine Mother, Lady Masters Activations, the Goddess within you

Divine Mother, Lady Masters Activations, the goddess within you. These activations are to activate open and expand the divine Goddess within you. 1. Lakshmi See Lakshmi emerge upon her lotus blossom as she awakens within you the full knowingness. The abundance of all things is there for each and every one of you. She asks…
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see who you are

Crystalline Grid Alignment

Planetary Crystalline Grid Alignment There are seven major crystalline grids on the planet set up for the ascension of Earth. Three of them are less than three years old and were activated to support the emerging Heart Paradigm on Earth. Although the primary purpose of these seven grids is to facilitate the evolution of the…
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